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2 September 2014
English National Opera reviews
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Les pêcheurs de perles

English National Opera

Londra - English National Opera: Les pêcheurs de perles
10 Jul 14 / Operaclick (Ita)
Proof that 'there's more to Bizet than gypsy girls and bullfighters'
3 Jul 14 / Express
The Pearl Fishers set in a modern Sri Lanka shanty town still exerts its exotic charm
22 Jun 14 / Express
The director, Penny Woolcock, unwittingly emphasises the pure hokum of Bizet's opera
21 Jun 14 / Telegraph
Too much sangfroid, too little passion in Pearl Fishers
20 Jun 14 / Seen and Heard
An enjoyable evening, despite the rather silly plot and starchy text
20 Jun 14 / Classical Source
A young cast struggle to bring Bizet's cardboard characters to life
18 Jun 14 / The Guardian
ENO revives Penny Woolcock's modern-day production of Bizet's exotic romance
18 Jun 14 / What's on Stage
Despite Woolcock’s revised staging, Bizet is still shackled by unidiomatic performances
17 Jun 14 / Bachtrack

Così fan tutte

English National Opera

Opera is the new circus
9 Jul 14 / Independent
Phelim McDermott's staging of Così fan tutte is great fun, from beginning to the end
4 Jun 14 / Musical Criticism
Cositeando en Coney Island
4 Jun 14 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
Wigglesworth is an excellent musician; Mozart, however, is very clearly not his thing
1 Jun 14 / Boulezian
Overall, the production is entertaining, but there is nothing here to rock the boat
27 May 14 / Music OMH
Vulgarised Così fan tutte does Mozart no favours
26 May 14 / Seen and Heard
Phelim McDermott's fairground delights soon wear thin
25 May 14 / The Observer
"All ladies are like that": Così at the Carnival
25 May 14 / Bachtrack
It's all great fun
24 May 14 / Musical Criticism
Its setting is inventive, but this production lacks human drama
22 May 14 / Financial Times
Joyfully liberated
21 May 14 / Independent
This rollercoaster of a production by Phelim McDermott is full of thrills and spills
20 May 14 / Evening Standard
A lively and entertaining evening
20 May 14 / The Stage
Fun but superficial spin on Mozart
19 May 14 / The Guardian
A fresh and fun take on Così
18 May 14 / Classical Source
Amiable and colourful
18 May 14 / Telegraph
All the fun of the fair at ENO as Mozart's amorous merry-go-round returns in a sparkling new production
18 May 14 / What's on Stage
A witty, exuberant and quietly revisionist production of Mozart’s challenging comedy
18 May 14 / The Arts Desk

Benvenuto Cellini

English National Opera

The production must be seen to be believed
28 Jun 14 / Musical Criticism
Monty Pythonesque touches in Benvenuto Cellini
20 Jun 14 / Seen and Heard
Nothing succeeds like excess
15 Jun 14 / Express
Monty Python's Terry Gilliam directs Benvenuto Cellini opera with 'comic book intensity'
11 Jun 14 / Express
Berlioz's fizzing score takes off as Terry Gilliam lets rip with the extravagant Benvenuto Cellini
8 Jun 14 / The Observer
The opera with the protagonist who’s a very naughty boy
8 Jun 14 / Londonist
Pure Python brilliance - Terry Gilliam directs Berlioz's opéra-comique with the cinematic flair of his best feature films
7 Jun 14 / Evening Standard
With circus skills, fire eating and masks, there are many treats for the audience
7 Jun 14 / The Upcoming

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Les pêcheurs de perles
(photo: ENO / Mike Hoban)
Photo: Richard Hubert Smith
Benvenuto Cellini
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Photo: Mike Hoban
Così fan tutte
(photo: Mike Hoban)
Photo: Tristram Kenton
(photo: Tristram Kenton)

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With a 29% funding cut and a new commitment to produce musical theatre - never ENO's strength - the future looks bleak for the Coliseum.
11 Jul 2014 / The Guardian

ENO the biggest loser in Arts Council funding shake-up

The English National Opera was the highest profile loser as its grant was slashed a third in the Arts Council’s three year funding shake up.
2 Jul 2014 / Independent

Why English National Opera needs to back British singers

Rupert Christiansen applauds the late Earl of Harewood's work with English National Opera but looks forward to a new era for the company.
24 Jun 2014 / Telegraph

Terry Gilliam promises 'Pythonic' new opera

Terry Gilliam promises 'Pythonic' new opera in his new production of Benvenuto Cellini for English National Opera.
4 Jun 2014 / Telegraph

'We have a big head problem'

Terry Gilliam's opera diary: Berlioz's Benvenuto Cellini is incoherent, bombastic and nigh on unperformable. The perfect project, then, for Terry Gilliam to direct.
4 Jun 2014 / The Guardian
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