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27 October 2016

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Don Giovanni
Tristan und Isolde
La Forza del Destino

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Les pêcheurs de perles

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 12

This is one of ENO’s finest productions
26 Oct 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Claudia Boyle produces a beautiful sound as Leïla
24 Oct 16 / Music OMH
ENO’s theatrical Les pêcheurs de perles is exposed to the elements
23 Oct 16 / Seen and Heard
A night of nonsense with some great tunes: ENO grants a second revival to Bizet's opera
22 Oct 16 / What's on Stage
The real star of the show remains the production
22 Oct 16 / Opera Today
Reheated orientalism does ENO no favours
20 Oct 16 / The Guardian
ENO can and should do better
20 Oct 16 / Broadway World
A night of nonsense with some great tunes
20 Oct 16 / What's on Stage
Promising, if not persuasive
20 Oct 16 / The Stage
Penny Woolcock’s subtly developing production is a real feather in ENO’s cap
20 Oct 16 / Classical Source
ENO's Pearl Fishers is a welcome revival of a grand, gorgeous production
20 Oct 16 / Telegraph
Slow to ignite: tepid revival of Bizet’s Pearl Fishers at ENO
20 Oct 16 / Bachtrack

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 11

More than any other Puccini opera, Tosca is a rollercoaster from start to finish
16 Oct 16 / Express
It was not a vintage night for solo singing
8 Oct 16 / Opera Today
The three central performances are exceptionally strong
7 Oct 16 / Music OMH
Puccini is the absolute master of the tear-jerker opera
6 Oct 16 / Express
Puccini restaging has powerful performances but a little more subtlety wouldn't go amiss
6 Oct 16 / Evening Standard
A wonderful staging compellingly performed
5 Oct 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Handsome, traditional, revivable - the show is everything it should be
5 Oct 16 / Broadway World
This is a Tosca well worth catching
5 Oct 16 / Independent
A mixed Tosca from English National Opera
5 Oct 16 / Bachtrack
ENO's latest revival of Tosca is all right for a Monday night
5 Oct 16 / Telegraph
A fine revival of ENO’s 2010 Tosca, featuring Craig Colclough's memorable, menacing Scarpia
4 Oct 16 / The Stage
Don Giovanni

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 21

Knave of trumps
11 Oct 16 / The Critics' Circle
A brutal new Don Giovanni turns heads at ENO
10 Oct 16 / The Observer
English National Opera has scored a hit in Richard Jones’s new staging of Don Giovanni
9 Oct 16 / Express
Richard Jones's production for English National Opera makes for a pretty depressing evening
9 Oct 16 / Daily Mail
Richard Jones opte pour une atmosphère sombre de film noir
6 Oct 16 / Opera Online
Bears only a passing resemblance to Mozart's opera
6 Oct 16 / The Spectator
Richard Jones has latched on to the timeless theme of Don Giovanni
5 Oct 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
What a frustrating show
5 Oct 16 / A Younger Theatre
Strong in concept, strong in casting: Richard Jones' Don Giovanni at ENO
4 Oct 16 / Bachtrack
Richard Jones dispenses with ambiguity and proposes some radical, subversive ‘clarifications’
4 Oct 16 / Opera Today
This latest Don Giovanni is updated yet outdated
4 Oct 16 / Londonist
Musically, we were on strong ground
4 Oct 16 / Boulezian
It’s all about sex
4 Oct 16 / Independent
The ENO rises triumphantly to this perennially challenging opera
4 Oct 16 / Evening Standard
Mozartian Hollywood noir
3 Oct 16 / Planet Hugill
Musically authoritative, theatrically fascinating
3 Oct 16 / The Stage
English National Opera's shortened season opens with a new Don Giovanni from Richard Jones
3 Oct 16 / What's on Stage
Richard Jones moves from Mozart with touches of brilliance and BDSM
2 Oct 16 / The Guardian
Sharp-edged and sharply etched
2 Oct 16 / What's on Stage
This is a striking, if ultimately unsatisfying, Don Giovanni
2 Oct 16 / Telegraph
Compared with ENO’s last two productions of Don Giovanni, this new one from Richard Jones is a sober affair
1 Oct 16 / Classical Source
How to seduce without sleaze
Can Christopher Purves make Mozart’s Don Giovanni a palatable character, a role he will play for ENO?
Tristan und Isolde

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 21

A la ENO no le gana nadie en inteligencia
13 Jul 16 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
On the rocks
21 Jun 16 / The Critics' Circle
English National Opera’s bold new staging of Tristan And Isolde may also be viewed as an art installation
19 Jun 16 / Express
Anish Kapoor ditches sculpture for opera
18 Jun 16 / Londonist
Stuart Skelton earns top laurels as Wagner's tortured hero
17 Jun 16 / Limelight
Edward Gardner’s conducting picks its way through the directorial minefield with impressive sureness and sympathy
17 Jun 16 / Classical Source
ENO’s Tristan falls short of greatness
16 Jun 16 / Oxford Student
Stuart Skelton has given a world class Tristan in English National Opera’s new Tristan and Isolde
16 Jun 16 / The Jewish Chronicle
The main stage designs by Anish Kapoor are boldly effective
15 Jun 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Anish Kapoor’s bold designs and lighting triumph
15 Jun 16 / Independent
'Tristan und Isolde,' from an unsettled English National Opera
15 Jun 16 / New York Times
All in all, this is a Tristan that deserves to be seen, still more to be heard
14 Jun 16 / Boulezian
Daniel Kramer’s Tristan and Isolde for ENO lacks quality and coherence despite a promising start
13 Jun 16 / Seen and Heard
The most worrying aspect of the production has to be how few ideas Kramer brought to the table as director
12 Jun 16 / Opera Britannia
A fascinating, vexing riot of ideas
12 Jun 16 / The Observer
Transfigured night
11 Jun 16 / Bachtrack
Musically fine but a confused and illogical staging
11 Jun 16 / The Guardian
Heroic tenor Stuart Skelton pulls focus in ambitious, hit-and-miss Wagner
11 Jun 16 / The Arts Desk
English National Opera's new artistic director scales one of the repertoire's greatest peaks
11 Jun 16 / What's on Stage
Anish Kapoor has not been madly inspired
11 Jun 16 / Telegraph
Brave and bold show is exactly what ENO needs
11 Jun 16 / Evening Standard
Can the notion of 'complete art work' save ENO, and opera itself?
Exploring how Richard Wagner’s Tristan & Isolde could potentially pave the way forward for ENO.
'He was antisemitic and I'm Jewish. Who cares?'
As his set designs for ENO’s Tristan and Isolde are unveiled, Anish Kapoor talks about the flak they’ve caused him, his new record-breaking slide – and how he got his own back on the Frenchman who sued him.
Rehearsal excerpt from ENO's new Tristan and Isolde
Stuart Skelton and Heidi Melton perform the love duet from Tristan and Isolde.

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 14

ENO has long championed the works of the Czech composer Leos Janacek, and with good reason
3 Jul 16 / Express
A blistering revival of David Alden’s 2006 production of Janáček’s Jenůfa
29 Jun 16 / Music OMH
This is exactly what the ENO should be doing
29 Jun 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
A brilliantly effective production
28 Jun 16 / Independent
Triumph marks turning of seasons
28 Jun 16 / Evening Standard
Jenufa is a resounding triumph
28 Jun 16 / A Younger Theatre
Cleverly unleashing the power of Janacek
28 Jun 16 / Telegraph
Janáček's score, Alden's direction and Wigglesworth's conducting make a searing Jenůfa at ENO
27 Jun 16 / Bachtrack
Jenufa returns to the London Coliseum
27 Jun 16 / Planet Hugill
ENO’s Jenůfa presents human tragedy that is out of the ordinary
27 Jun 16 / Seen and Heard
ENO’s Jenůfa burns slowly
26 Jun 16 / Opera Britannia
Alden’s production has a remarkable coherence
25 Jun 16 / Classical Source
Janáček performed with slow-burning passion
25 Jun 16 / The Guardian
ENO revives one of its greatest successes to close a troubled season in triumph
25 Jun 16 / What's on Stage
Madama Butterfly

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 15

Overpowering orchestra, but some strikingly effective moments
24 May 16 / Evening Standard
Anthony Minghella’s production of Madame Butterfly for ENO is wearing well
23 May 16 / Opera Today
The opening scene of the late Anthony Minghella’s staging of Madam Butterfly is one that remains indelibly in the mind
22 May 16 / Express
A visual feast
20 May 16 / Independent
The stage is a sea of visual brilliancy from the first scene to the last
20 May 16 / Opera Britannia
One of ENO's truly great successes of recent years
19 May 16 / Express
ENO’s enjoyable Madama Butterfly poses a few problems
19 May 16 / Seen and Heard
18 May 16 / The Stage
Minghella's production still looks good but the words are lost
18 May 16 / The Guardian
English National Opera revives Anthony Minghella's popular production
18 May 16 / What's on Stage
Flawed casting in Minghella's widescreen Butterfly at ENO
18 May 16 / Bachtrack
Anthony Minghella’s visually stunning production of Madam Butterfly is unashamedly cinematograhic in style
18 May 16 / Music OMH
Madame Butterfly takes wing At the ENO
18 May 16 / Londonist
An evening to remember
18 May 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Flawed casting in Minghella's widescreen Butterfly at ENO
17 May 16 / Bachtrack
Sunset Boulevard

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 8

Glenn Close brings real attraction to Sunset Boulevard
5 Apr 16 / Mirror
Glenn Close is mesmerising as Norma Desmond
5 Apr 16 / British Theatre
Imperious Glenn Close gives show new lease of life
5 Apr 16 / The Guardian
Glenn Close’s triumphant performance makes you feel the shock of Sunset Boulevard as if for the first time
5 Apr 16 / Telegraph
Close wrings every ounce of pathos from the role
5 Apr 16 / The Sun
Glenn Close and company do much to fill Lloyd Webber's half-empty vessel
5 Apr 16 / The Arts Desk
Glenn Close is still big, the production just got smaller
5 Apr 16 / The Hollywood Reporter
This enveloping score has never sounded richer
5 Apr 16 / The Stage
It's a return!
Glenn Close will star in Sunset Boulevard at English National Opera.

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 18

Akhnaten y la gimnasia rítmica
14 Mar 16 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
Glass has proved to be good box-office for ENO
13 Mar 16 / Opera News
A sumptuous new production
13 Mar 16 / Express
Remarkable staging of Glass’s remarkable Akhnaten by ENO
12 Mar 16 / Seen and Heard
Philip Glass’s opera Akhnaten has been revived at English National Opera after more than 30 years
10 Mar 16 / Country Life
Marvellous singing from Anthony Roth Costanzo in the counter-tenor role of Akhnaten
9 Mar 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
A lot of hot air
9 Mar 16 / Telegraph
ENO's Akhnaten is a truly improbable success
9 Mar 16 / Express
Hypnotic vision with flashes of weird wonder... and lots of camp
8 Mar 16 / Evening Standard
Thirty years after staging its UK premiere, ENO returns to Philip Glass's Pharaoh opera
7 Mar 16 / What's on Stage
ENO’s new production of Philip Glass’ opera is musically and visually mesmerising
7 Mar 16 / The Stage
There is no more totally involving work on the London stage at the moment
7 Mar 16 / Classical Source
The ENO chorus provided muscular and emotive singing, together with some busy stage work
7 Mar 16 / Music OMH
An utterly absorbing visual and aural experience
7 Mar 16 / Bachtrack
Superb singing and breath-taking theatrical moments
7 Mar 16 / Independent
A gloriously coloured eye-catching affair
7 Mar 16 / The Guardian
Akhnaten is a glowing success
6 Mar 16 / A Younger Theatre
The house was packed and excitement palpable on opening night
6 Mar 16 / Opera Britannia
Behind the scenes of Philip Glass's Akhnaten at ENO - in pictures
English National Opera this week opens a new production of Philip Glass’s Akhnaten, his 1983 opera about the ancient Egyptian pharaoh.
Opera's radical pharaoh returns to ENO
A new production of Philip Glass's opera about the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Akhnaten, is being staged at English National Opera.

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 23

Musically, this Norma is a resounding triumph
27 Feb 16 / Opera News
Storming Norma fights to save a dud
26 Feb 16 / Daily Mail
ENO's staggering Norma is a vindication of this questionable art form
25 Feb 16 / The Spectator
Marjorie Owens' Norma renders these performances unmissable
24 Feb 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Bad Gauls
23 Feb 16 / The Critics' Circle
A druid with attitude – how Bellini's Norma cast a spell on me
George Hall, translator of ENO’s first ever production of the Bellini opera, faced many linguistic challenges in his quest for clarity.
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News & Articles

English National Opera names Martyn Brabbins as music director
Respected conductor takes over from Mark Wigglesworth as company seeks stability after two years of cuts and crises.
22 Oct 2016 / The Guardian
How to seduce without sleaze
Can Christopher Purves make Mozart’s Don Giovanni a palatable character, a role he will play for ENO?
30 Sep 2016 / Telegraph
Yamaha joins troubled opera
Yamaha is now the exclusive supplier of pianos to ENO and will collaborate with the Company to support ENO’s continued commitment to musical excellence.
7 Sep 2016 / Slipped Disc
Daniel Kramer
‘Opera is so important, so stop coming for our building. Back off’
2 Sep 2016 / The Stage
ENO's Kramer links demise of arts education to US violence
English National Opera’s US-born artistic director affirmed the importance of access to the arts at all levels and set out vision for the troubled company.
15 Jun 2016 / The Guardian