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30 March 2015

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Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
The Gospel According to the Other Mary
La bohème
La fanciulla del West
Le nozze di Figaro

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The Indian Queen

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 17

Two exquisite productions at English National Opera
16 Mar 15 / Opera Today
An enthralling evening's entertainment
11 Mar 15 / Express
The Indian Queen is visually passionate and stylish and remarkably beautiful at times
6 Mar 15 / A Younger Theatre
Exactly what the ENO should be doing
4 Mar 15 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Had we been treated to a concert of Purcell’s music, that would have been all well and good
3 Mar 15 / Boulezian
A very long and frankly at times tedious evening
2 Mar 15 / Opera Britannia
Peter Sellars' reconstruction of Purcell's The Indian Queen at ENO
2 Mar 15 / Bachtrack
Peter Sellars spins unfinished Purcell into a Mayan extravaganza that delights and irks
2 Mar 15 / The Observer
An evening in musical triumph
28 Feb 15 / Independent
Peter Sellars transforms Purcell's 'semi-opera' into a full-blown Lenten ritual of penitence
28 Feb 15 / Classical-music.com
Peter Sellars' production presents an ever-resonant social commentary
28 Feb 15 / Evening Standard
Sellars is not to everyone’s taste
28 Feb 15 / Music OMH
If you are expecting or hoping to see a performance of Purcell and Dryden’s final collaboration, forget it
28 Feb 15 / Classical Source
Lucy Crowe’s singing brings Purcell into focus
28 Feb 15 / The Guardian
Peter Sellars's unique take on Purcell's 'semi-opera' features a moving story and music of gorgeous beauty
28 Feb 15 / Telegraph
Sellars’ highly idiosyncratic revamp of Purcell’s 1695 semi-opera makes for a distinctly long evening
28 Feb 15 / The Stage
Musical strengths of Purcell’s Indian Queen marred by baleful, self-indulgent production
28 Feb 15 / Seen and Heard
As 'The Indian Queen' opens, can Peter Sellars save the ENO?
As Purcell's 'The Indian Queen' opens, Jessica Duchen meets the man on a mission to save an opera company in crisis.
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 22

Two exquisite productions at English National Opera
16 Mar 15 / Opera Today
Avec tous les éléments évoqués, il contribue à un excellent spectacle
28 Feb 15 / Anaclase
Despite certain reservations, this was a Meistersinger to be reckoned with
24 Feb 15 / Boulezian
This production of The Mastersingers of Nuremberg is fast-paced and charming
20 Feb 15 / A Younger Theatre
Richard Jones’s glorious production of The Mastersingers of Nuremberg arrived at London’s Coliseum
15 Feb 15 / Express
The Mastersingers at English National Opera wins all the prizes
14 Feb 15 / Express
This is a Meistersinger of huge power, wit and emotion
11 Feb 15 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
“The Mastersingers of Nuremberg,” by the English National Opera, uses a light touch in its staging
11 Feb 15 / New York Times
A world-class ensemble production
11 Feb 15 / Independent
At a time of considerable uncertainty for the company, English National Opera stages a world-class Wagner production
10 Feb 15 / The Stage
ENO’s staging of Wagner’s comedy brings every character to life
10 Feb 15 / Financial Times
The Mastersingers of Nuremberg is a splendid company achievement
10 Feb 15 / Evening Standard
Iain Paterson and Edward Gardner lead a top quality rendering of Wagner's Meistersinger for ENO
9 Feb 15 / Bachtrack
Richard Jones revisits his 2010 WNO triumph in a majestic restaging for English National Opera
9 Feb 15 / What's on Stage
Sharp focus, humour and inspiration
9 Feb 15 / The Guardian
This hugely entertaining staging of Wagner's comedy explodes with joy
9 Feb 15 / Telegraph
Outstanding account of Wagner's comedy, in a performance theatrically vital, lyrical and poetic
9 Feb 15 / Planet Hugill
One of Jones’s most perceptive and affectionate productions
9 Feb 15 / Classical Source
WNO's Die Meistersinger transposed to The Mastersingers by ENO
9 Feb 15 / The Arts Desk
Richard Jones’ production is big, bright and beautiful
9 Feb 15 / Music OMH
Perfect production builds on brilliant opera at the Coliseum
9 Feb 15 / Londonist
Act II looks like a cheap touring version of Jack and the Beanstalk
9 Feb 15 / Opera Britannia
The Mastersingers of Nuremberg
Wagner was a great musical radical because, while he saw the necessity of change, he also wanted to retain the best of what had gone before.
ENO's Mastersinger's frontcloth of famous German artists
The frontcloth to ENO’s new production of The Mastersingers of Nuremberg features a collage of 103 of the most famous cultural figures from the German-speaking world. How many can you name?
Iain Paterson
'I hope our artistic leaders will heed Sachs's advice. The survival of ENO may depend on it'
La Traviata

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 14

A minimalist approach rejuvenates this opera classic
21 Feb 15 / Express
Elizabeth Zharoff is superb as Violetta
20 Feb 15 / A Younger Theatre
Terrific Traviata at ENO
17 Feb 15 / Morning Star Online
Compelling and intellectually engaging Traviata at ENO
12 Feb 15 / Seen and Heard
Elizabeth Zharoff gives everything we could ever hope for at the end
12 Feb 15 / Music OMH
Peter Konwitschny's revival of La Traviata is a 'fiercely intelligent, gripping show'
12 Feb 15 / Evening Standard
A swift return for Peter Konwitschny's red curtain production of Verdi's opera
11 Feb 15 / What's on Stage
Konwitschny's view of the opera is stripped down, anti-romantic and not a little dystopic
11 Feb 15 / Opera Today
A pared-down take on Verdi’s tragedy with an outstanding cast
11 Feb 15 / Financial Times
Elizabeth Zharoff is a delight from start to finish
11 Feb 15 / Independent
As Violetta, Elizabeth Zharoff was entirely convincing
11 Feb 15 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Lightning fails to strike twice in ENO revival of Konwitschny’s production
11 Feb 15 / Bachtrack
Pared down to its essence, Konwitschny’s modern-day Verdi is detailed and sensitive
11 Feb 15 / The Guardian
Musical standards are high
10 Feb 15 / Opera Britannia
The Way Back Home

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 10

The short performance is slick and packed with fun effects and humour
26 Dec 14 / A Younger Theatre
Delightfully designed and illustrated, this is almost a children's book in itself
19 Dec 14 / Express
Unfocused but pacy opera for kids
15 Dec 14 / The Guardian
ENO’s first opera for children is both beautiful and baffling
15 Dec 14 / Financial Times
A Martian, a Spitfire and a flatulent penguin are the unlikely ingredients for The Way Back Home
13 Dec 14 / The Arts Desk
Not even a farting penguin can save it
13 Dec 14 / Telegraph
Opera for children can be profound
13 Dec 14 / Independent
The designs by Vicki Mortimer and Molly Einchcomb are an utter joy
13 Dec 14 / What's on Stage
It’s the core content that lets the performance down
13 Dec 14 / The Upcoming
Children’s opera proves seriously entertaining
13 Dec 14 / Londonist
Jeffers opera shows the way forward
The ENO's first ever children's opera, an adaptation of Oliver Jeffers best-selling picture book, The Way Back Home, opens on Thursday at London's Young Vic.
The Gospel According to the Other Mary

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 21

A mesmerising aural world
30 Nov 14 / The Observer
Contemporary opera throws aside modish minimalism and delivers as satisfying evening as the great classics
30 Nov 14 / Express
'I have rarely felt so bored by an opera'
27 Nov 14 / Express
Adams and Sellars have created a series of interesting tableaux
26 Nov 14 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
The brilliance of Adams’ score does ultimately shine through
26 Nov 14 / Music OMH
ENO’s world stage premiere of John Adams’ new passion oratorio suggests it is better suited to the concert hall
25 Nov 14 / The Stage
Dancers add fire to John Adams's masterly oratorio
25 Nov 14 / Classical-music.com
Mary senza azione
25 Nov 14 / Il Giornale della Musica (Ita)
An impressive and inventive visual experience with an incredible score that digs deep
25 Nov 14 / A Younger Theatre
Stage version of Adams’ gospel oratorio laudable but disconcerting
24 Nov 14 / Seen and Heard
The conducting is superb, the playing and singing fabulously intense – and the principal soloists remarkable
24 Nov 14 / The Guardian
Like El Niño before it, John Adams's new opera is really a staged concert piece - but it's a fine one
24 Nov 14 / What's on Stage
Patricia Bardon embodied this modern Mary with committed singing and convincing movement
24 Nov 14 / Opera Britannia
Everyone will have a point-of-view about The Gospel According to the Other Mary – from inspiring to indifferent
24 Nov 14 / Classical Source
Fully staged, John Adams’ work is a heart-wrenching experience
24 Nov 14 / Financial Times
Grace and pain stunningly interwoven in Adams' rich score and Sellars' luminous staging
24 Nov 14 / The Arts Desk
A Passion for our times: Adams' The Gospel According To The Other Mary premières at ENO
24 Nov 14 / Bachtrack
Mary senza azione
24 Nov 14 / Il Giornale della Musica (Ita)
John Adams' triumphant update of the Passion of the Christ
23 Nov 14 / Independent
John Adams's new oratorio appears priggish at first but rises to a shattering climax
23 Nov 14 / Telegraph
Adams, Sellars bring 'Passion' into present in opera's first full staging
23 Nov 14 / Reuters
ENO star revealed to be US street dancer
Rave reviews for unknown performer Banks-Artiste who steals the show in the opera The Gospel According to the Other Mary.
Director Peter Sellars
Shocking again in new Adams opera.
Peter Sellars: ‘The United States is coming close to censorship’
Will The Gospel According to the Other Mary, his modern Passion inspired by censorship, poverty and slave labour, cause a new storm?
La bohème

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 13

The evening was marked by strong characterisation across the board and an excellent ensemble dynamic
17 Nov 14 / Music OMH
La Bohème wows with 1930s makeover
14 Nov 14 / Londonist
Opera round-up: Mozart's Idomeneo, La Boheme and Donizetti's Les Martyrs
9 Nov 14 / Express
This timeless and poignant opera is superbly conducted
5 Nov 14 / Classical Source
There was a good sense of ensemble between the singers
4 Nov 14 / Boulezian
This third revival is not the most warmly emotional of them
3 Nov 14 / Financial Times
The production is sincere and grittily evocative
1 Nov 14 / Opera Britannia
Well balanced and finely paced Bohème from cash-strapped ENO
1 Nov 14 / Seen and Heard
Angel Blue is a draw vocally
31 Oct 14 / The Stage
Puccini's ever-popular opera of doomed young love returns to ENO
31 Oct 14 / What's on Stage
ENO has served up many of the classiest Mimìs
31 Oct 14 / The Arts Desk
Buoyant, with a Rodolfo to treasure
31 Oct 14 / The Guardian
Miller’s vibrant and acutely observed direction breathes bustling, noisy life into every scene
31 Oct 14 / Official London Theatre
Spotlight on soprano Angel Blue
Meet the smoky-voiced rising star on a mission to bring opera to the masses.
Le nozze di Figaro

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 12

Una interesante reposición
4 Nov 14 / Beckmesser
Jamie Martin’s achievement in mitigating the worst excesses of Shaw’s production stands worthy of proper recognition
28 Oct 14 / Boulezian
Figaro revival mitigates worst excesses of Shaw’s original production
27 Oct 14 / Seen and Heard
Fiona Shaw produces excellent theatre dovetailing beautifully with Mozart’s music
22 Oct 14 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
A fabulous Figaro from Fiona Shaw for English National Opera
21 Oct 14 / Bachtrack
First among equals are David Stout and Mary Bevan as Figaro and Susanna
20 Oct 14 / Music OMH
An evening that was, if far from perfect, capable of both insight and beauty
20 Oct 14 / Opera Britannia
ENO’s The Marriage Of Figaro is a total delight
19 Oct 14 / Londonist
A gutsy, unstylish crowd-pleaser, buzzing gamely on without much heart or focus
18 Oct 14 / The Stage
Fiona Shaw's hilarious yet deeply considered account of Mozart's masterpiece returns
18 Oct 14 / What's on Stage
Fiona Shaw’s revival struggles to hit the right note
18 Oct 14 / The Guardian
To take Figaro and set it on a giant revolve is a gesture as wilful as it is elegant
17 Oct 14 / The Arts Desk
La fanciulla del West

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 19

Demasiados errores en “La Fanciulla del West”
4 Nov 14 / Beckmesser
That´s my girl!
14 Oct 14 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
That´s my girl!
13 Oct 14 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
ENO’s The Girl of the Golden West is irresistibly seductive
9 Oct 14 / The Spectator
The ENO deserve to score a big hit with this new Richard Jones production of Fanciulla
8 Oct 14 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
ENO takes a verismo approach to Puccini’s Wild West opera
6 Oct 14 / Financial Times
The evening’s highs far outweigh the lows
6 Oct 14 / Music OMH
Puccini's Less Known Western Opera Opens at the ENO
5 Oct 14 / The Huffington Post
An exciting debut in the pit and another on stage set the seal on ENO’s terrific new Girl of the Golden West
5 Oct 14 / The Observer
A great cowboy story
5 Oct 14 / Express
Richard Jones's simple, sincere approach to Puccini's masterpiece is a winning formula 5 out of 5 stars03 Oct 2014 | Comment
4 Oct 14 / Telegraph
Puccini's gold rush western returns to ENO after a 50-year absence
4 Oct 14 / What's on Stage
There’s little here that would rock the steadily progressive Met
4 Oct 14 / The Arts Desk
Jones’ concept is a traditional and literal one
4 Oct 14 / Opera Britannia
ENO’s La Fanciulla fails to evoke Wild West
4 Oct 14 / Seen and Heard
The detailed portrayal of the mining community is compelling
4 Oct 14 / The Guardian
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Besieged ENO exposes some facts and figures
English National Opera, under threat of losing state subsidy, has published its annual accounts with a sidebar of significant achievements.
19 Mar 2015 / Slipped Disc
Crisis-hit English National Opera appoints new CEO
The ENO has appointed a management consultant as its new CEO, effectively demoting its controversial artistic director.
10 Mar 2015 / Telegraph
Why the opera world is backing John Berry
Today’s extraordinary, unanimous declaration of support for English National Opera’s embattled chief was not just a matter of collegial solidarity and personal friendship.
10 Mar 2015 / Slipped Disc
Opera houses defend ENO
World’s greatest opera houses defend under-fire English National Opera boss John Berry.
9 Mar 2015 / Independent
English National Opera told to put its house in order
Arts Council puts opera company under ‘special’ plan, demanding it improves business model – or it faces a funding cut.
13 Feb 2015 / The Guardian