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25 June 2017

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Der Rosenkavalier
The Nose
The Importance of Being Earnest

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The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 20

Give me Moor, Moor, Moor! A triumphant Otello at the Royal Opera
24 Jun 17 / Metro
Hamlet at Glyndebourne: ‘I felt as I was experiencing the play with fresh eyes and ears'
24 Jun 17 / Country Life
The evening’s most complete vocal performance came from Maria Agresta as Desdemona
24 Jun 17 / Opera News
Jonas Kaufmann’s Otello is conceived on a human scale, his sound wonderfully burnished and romantic
24 Jun 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Apart from singing beautifully, Kaufmann gives a convincing portrayal of Otello
23 Jun 17 / Express
Kaufmann thrills in a dark, expressionistic staging
23 Jun 17 / The Guardian
Simply put, Kaufmann is the great Otello for this generation of opera lovers
23 Jun 17 / City A.M.
Tenor am Anschlag – Jonas Kaufmann singt „Otello“
23 Jun 17 / Die Welt
Es fehlt die Otello-Stimme
23 Jun 17 / BR-online
Opera is a powerful production with a hole at the centre
23 Jun 17 / Daily Mail
The hottest ticket this year
23 Jun 17 / Independent
Pappano's orchestra was electrically alive
23 Jun 17 / What's on Stage
All the best things emanated from the pit
23 Jun 17 / Classical Source
A bronze-toned lion of Venice: Kaufmann debuts as Otello at Covent Garden
23 Jun 17 / Bachtrack
Musical standards aid Kaufmann's debut, if production raises questions
23 Jun 17 / Limelight
An Otello to rank with the finest
22 Jun 17 / Evening Standard
Jonas Kaufmann's debut let down by a lame and ugly staging
22 Jun 17 / Telegraph
Esultate! Jonas Kaufmann debuts as Otello
22 Jun 17 / Music OMH
Jonas Kaufmann sings an 'Otello' for the ages
22 Jun 17 / New York Times
Jonas Kaufmann’s introverted portrayal is countered by macho performances from the Royal Opera orchestra and chorus
22 Jun 17 / The Times
Otello: opera, identity politics and blacking-up
Opera companies now eschew the once traditional black makeup for the lead in Verdi’s masterpiece, but it remains a controversial issue that highlights the need to nurture more diverse talent.
Major cancellation for The Royal Opera’s new ‘Otello’
Ludovic Tézier has canceled the upcoming production of Verdi’s “Otello” at the Royal Opera House.
Cinema will save opera for a new generation
Streaming opera in the cinema could save it for a new generation, a Royal Opera House director has suggested, as he claims it is helping to weed out the "hammy" over-acting young audiences hate.
L'elisir d'amore

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 12

Ivan Magrì è stato la star della serata
18 Jun 17 / OperaeOpera
It is a joy to revisit Laurence Pelly’s 2007 take on Donizetti’s masterpiece L’Elisir d’Amore
5 Jun 17 / Express
Genuinely special
31 May 17 / The Stage
South African soprano Pretty Yende lit up the 1950s-set production with beaming smiles and agile singing
31 May 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
The Royal Opera should hold on to the South African soprano Pretty Yende — she shows she has everything in Donizetti’s bel canto comedy
30 May 17 / The Times
Joyeuse reprise
30 May 17 / Forum Opéra
A real feel-good elixir that send all the audience home with a big smile on their faces
30 May 17 / Express
It remains a winning formula
30 May 17 / Independent
Pretty Yende and Liparit Avetisyan are the stars of the future in the Royal Opera’s L’Elisir d’Amore
29 May 17 / Seen and Heard
Laurent Pelly's joyous staging of Donizetti's opera returns in a star-making revival
29 May 17 / What's on Stage
At the centre of the performance is Liparit Avetisyan’s touching Nemorino
29 May 17 / Classical Source
Giant haystacks: Pelly's sunny L'elisir d'amore romps back to Covent Garden
29 May 17 / Bachtrack
Royal Opera House cast and audience evacuated
Cast members and theatre-goers were evacuated from the Royal Opera House in London after a fire alarm went off mid-performance.
La Traviata

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 15

Russian soprano Ekaterina Bakanova stands out as a stunning Violetta
16 Jun 17 / The Upcoming
Ekaterina Bakanova a touchingly fragile Violetta in Covent Garden Traviata
15 Jun 17 / Bachtrack
Joyce El-Khoury, in her Royal Opera debut, is ideal for the part
22 Jan 17 / Express
Joyce El-Khoury, making her Royal Opera debut, really grows as Violetta over the course of the evening
22 Jan 17 / Music OMH
Richard Eyre's glorious production continues to draw hugely appreciative audiences at Covent Garden
21 Jan 17 / Express
Lebanese-Canadian soprano Joyce El-Khoury more than stands up to the role of Violetta
19 Jan 17 / The Upcoming
Sensitivity and skill
19 Jan 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Joyce El-Khoury holds the tale together as Violetta
18 Jan 17 / Broadway World
Imperfect but enjoyable
18 Jan 17 / Bachtrack
Sensitive, subtle and still the best around
18 Jan 17 / Telegraph
Solid, but cautious
18 Jan 17 / The Stage
Drama and subtle insights
18 Jan 17 / The Guardian
Covent Garden sees new cast perform Verdi’s La Traviata with mixed results
18 Jan 17 / Seen and Heard
Joyce El-Khoury commands the stage with radiant authority
18 Jan 17 / Independent
The return of Richard Eyre's beloved production of Verdi's most popular opera
18 Jan 17 / What's on Stage
Don Carlo

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 18

Un beau travail d'équipe
1 Jun 17 / Forum Opéra
Bryan Hymel, in his role debut, is an ardent-toned and febrile Carlos
21 May 17 / Express
It still looks spectacular
20 May 17 / The Observer
A taut, compelling account of Don Carlo at the Royal Opera House
18 May 17 / The Spectator
Verdi's opera of love and politics returns in Nicholas Hytner's production
17 May 17 / What's on Stage
Tutti colori di Don Carlo
17 May 17 / Il Giornale della Musica (Ita)
The standard of the singing an acting make this a production well worth seeing
17 May 17 / Express
The evening’s tours de force come from Ekaterina Semenchuk
17 May 17 / Independent
Not quite a vintage revival but much to enjoy
17 May 17 / Planet Hugill
Disappointingly inert
16 May 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
No flames in this revival, but that lets you concentrate on the extraordinary music of Verdi’s anticlerical masterpiece
16 May 17 / The Times
Hytner’s blood-red horror hampers Verdi’s dark vision
15 May 17 / The Guardian
A serviceable revival
15 May 17 / The Stage
Momentous clash of church and state is refreshingly retold
15 May 17 / Evening Standard
Despite an unimpressive production Bertrand De Billy and the Royal Opera deliver a compelling Don Carlo
15 May 17 / Seen and Heard
Royal Opera's Don Carlo revival fails to completely catch fire
15 May 17 / Bachtrack
Under-directed but with much to enjoy vocally
14 May 17 / Telegraph
Bryan Hymel is every inch a heroic Prince
13 May 17 / Classical Source
The Exterminating Angel

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 21

¿Por quién doblan las campanas?
19 May 17 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
This opera finds itself becoming tiring and predictable
12 May 17 / A Younger Theatre
The post-modern ascendancy of utterly inert opera
10 May 17 / Slipped Disc
Death and waltzes
2 May 17 / The Critics' Circle
The Exterminating Angel presents a host’s nightmare scenario where guests who are invited to dinner just don’t go home
30 Apr 17 / Express
Adès conducts Adès at the Royal Opera: A breathtaking premiere of The Exterminating Angel
29 Apr 17 / Seen and Heard
Incendiary Adès and Adams
29 Apr 17 / The Guardian
The cast’s talents are not put to good use
27 Apr 17 / The Spectator
Thomas Adès' new surrealist masterpiece beautifully and melodically portrays the horror of a dinner party gone wrong
27 Apr 17 / Spear's
Part existential nightmare, part Lord of the Flies, it robustly resists formal analysis
26 Apr 17 / Independent
Virtuoso writing, dazzlingly executed
26 Apr 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Compulsive repetitions and re-enactments
26 Apr 17 / Opera Today
Superb musical direction by Thomas Adès brought out the compelling subtleties of this remarkable new opera
26 Apr 17 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Anarchy, a lamb shawarma and music of lingering beauty
26 Apr 17 / The Guardian
Thomas Adès goes for broke as his opera reimagines the classic film
26 Apr 17 / The Times
A dining-room apocalypse in the nihilistic new opera from composer Thomas Adès
26 Apr 17 / What's on Stage
26 Apr 17 / The Stage
The indiscreet charmlessness of the bourgeoisie: Adès brings The Exterminating Angel to opera
26 Apr 17 / Bachtrack
A magnificent, acrobatic display from Thomas Adès
26 Apr 17 / Telegraph
An extraordinary achievement
25 Apr 17 / Evening Standard
The Exterminating Angel makes a powerful impact and leaves a disquieting impression
25 Apr 17 / Classical Source
How The Exterminating Angel became opera’s most surreal soiree
More than 50 years on, Thomas’s Adès’s latest opera is a chilling response to the classic film about a dinner party from which the guests have no escape.
Madama Butterfly

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 17

Butterfly seda y acero
19 Apr 17 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
Madama Butterfly emoziona Londra
13 Apr 17 / Il Giornale della Musica (Ita)
Bored with the idea of seeing yet another Butterfly performance? Think again. You will be in for a treat
7 Apr 17 / Limelight
Jaho's performance was both heart-touching and musically flawless
2 Apr 17 / Express
An evening that transcends its imperfections to become extremely persuasive and moving
1 Apr 17 / Music OMH
This revival of Madama Butterfly has the star it deserves
30 Mar 17 / A Younger Theatre
The whole evening is outstanding
29 Mar 17 / The Guardian
Antonio Pappano triunfa con Madama Butterfly en el Covent Garden
29 Mar 17 / Opera World (Spanish)
Ermonela Jaho in a stunning Butterfly at Covent Garden
29 Mar 17 / Opera Today
Broken wings: Ermonela Jaho a devastating Madama Butterfly at Covent Garden
29 Mar 17 / Bachtrack
Ermonela Jaho is the best Cio-Cio-San London has seen in years
28 Mar 17 / Independent
The Albanian soprano Ermonela Jaho’s portrayal of the title role is fresh and affecting
27 Mar 17 / The Times
Ermonela Jaho triumphs in Madama Butterfly
27 Mar 17 / The Observer
Ermonela Jaho gives an emotionally shattering performance in Puccini’s opera
27 Mar 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
A heavy and intense plot was aided by Antonio Pappano’s energetic conducting
25 Mar 17 / The Upcoming
Emotional extremity as Ermonela Jaho delves fearlessly into Puccini's tragedy
25 Mar 17 / What's on Stage
Pappano and the Royal Opera make Madama Butterfly soar
25 Mar 17 / Telegraph
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 28

Dell’individuo e della società
2 Apr 17 / L'Ape musicale
Des Maîtres chanteurs de Nuremberg en panne de théâtre
1 Apr 17 / Diapason
If you refuse to allow the staging to distract from the music, the Royal Opera House’s new production has its charms
31 Mar 17 / The Jewish Chronicle
Die Meistersinger von London
31 Mar 17 / Altamusica
Cobblers in clubland
21 Mar 17 / The Critics' Circle
It sadly turned out to be more of a squawk than a swansong
20 Mar 17 / Independent
Musical excellence wins out as Kasper Holten bids farewell to Covent Garden on a distractingly grand scale
19 Mar 17 / The Observer
Even Bryn Terfel can't save this bizarre production
19 Mar 17 / Daily Mail
Wagner's only comedy Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg is a glorious five-hour ode in praise of art
19 Mar 17 / Express
Farewell, Mr Holten...
17 Mar 17 / A Younger Theatre
A spectacular production that's a perfect send-off for director Kasper Holten
17 Mar 17 / City A.M.
not a ‘Meistersinger’ for those who prefer warm representational to (sometimes) wilful re-working
17 Mar 17 / Music OMH
Kasper Holten's farewell production at the ROH
15 Mar 17 / Opera Today
A so-so journey to a stunning conclusion
15 Mar 17 / Evening Standard
As the Royal Opera and Kasper Holten part company, this is his last throw of the dice
15 Mar 17 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
De machos y cofradías
15 Mar 17 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
Wagner was not a fellow to do things by halves
14 Mar 17 / Express
Bryn Terfel's Sachs is craggy and thrillingly rough
14 Mar 17 / Broadway World
Terfel saves the day
14 Mar 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Bass-baritone Bryn Terfel sings the role of Hans Sachs with aplomb
14 Mar 17 / The Upcoming
Musical riches but sour visuals in Kasper Holten's farewell production as director of opera
14 Mar 17 / What's on Stage
Excellent in parts: Kaspar Holten's new Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg at Covent Garden
13 Mar 17 / Bachtrack
Pappano, chorus and orchestra excel in Holten’s farewell Die Meistersinger at Covent Garden
13 Mar 17 / Seen and Heard
Kasper Holten stages elaborate farewell
13 Mar 17 / The Guardian
Flawless music let down by needlessly extravagant staging
13 Mar 17 / Telegraph
The biggest casualty of Holten's production is the cast and the relationships
13 Mar 17 / Classical Source
Gloriously affirmative music so crassly undermined — a very mixed night
13 Mar 17 / The Times
Bryn Terfel is superb in Kasper Holten’s otherwise disappointing final production for the Royal Opera
13 Mar 17 / The Stage
Adriana Lecouvreur

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 11

A marvellous production with its telling details of the theatrical milieu in early eighteenth century Paris
15 Feb 17 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Angela Gheorghiu took star billing but Brian Jagde stole the show in a sumptuous Royal Opera revival
13 Feb 17 / The Observer
In a competition for the most bizarre operatic death, Adriana Lecouvreur would be a strong contender
12 Feb 17 / Express
Angela Gheorghiu sings exquisitely in Cilea’s opera of love, jealousy and revenge
9 Feb 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
A long evening that flashed by
9 Feb 17 / Classical Source
The Royal Opera revives David McVicar’s production of Adriana Lecouvreur
9 Feb 17 / Seen and Heard
Angela Gheorghiu should be wonderful here, but she isn't
9 Feb 17 / Telegraph
Gerald Finley's exquisite melancholy suffuses Covent Garden's Adriana Lecouvreur
9 Feb 17 / Bachtrack
Gheorghiu returns to thrill in Cilea's tragedy
9 Feb 17 / The Guardian
Angela Gheorghiu marks her 25th season at Covent Garden with a return to Cilea's tragedy
9 Feb 17 / What's on Stage
Singing of rare subtlety
8 Feb 17 / The Stage
Angela Gheorghiu celebrates 25 years with the Royal Opera House
The legendary soprano – sometimes known just as much for her behaviour as her peerless voice – is set to celebrate 150 performances with the opera house that made her a star.
Il Trovatore

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 14

Il Trovatore declinato dal regista David Bosch è stato riproposto più volte sul palcoscenico londinese
15 Feb 17 / Operaclick (Ita)
Le Trouvère à la Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
9 Feb 17 / Opera Online
The Royal Opera’s Il trovatore rewards listening to rather than watching
4 Feb 17 / Seen and Heard
Anita Rachvelishvili takes the honours in Covent Garden's Il trovatore
2 Feb 17 / Bachtrack
Affaires de famille
1 Feb 17 / Forum Opéra
Verdi's dark drama returns to Covent Garden with a fourth cast, and they excel
30 Jan 17 / What's on Stage
Georgian mezzo-soprano Anita Rachvelishvili is a thrilling Azucena
11 Dec 16 / Express
Farnes’s conducting and Rachvelishvili’s Azucena make this revival worthwhile
10 Dec 16 / Seen and Heard
By the end, this is a production that is solid without enticing much else
8 Dec 16 / A Younger Theatre
A rapid return for Covent Garden's 2016 staging of Verdi's popular opera
7 Dec 16 / What's on Stage
visually attractive
6 Dec 16 / The Stage
Where is the swagger, where the bravado?
6 Dec 16 / Telegraph
Comic strip Trovatore a damp squib at the Royal Opera
6 Dec 16 / Bachtrack
Dispiriting Verdi revival lacks focus
6 Dec 16 / The Guardian
Der Rosenkavalier

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 19

Au revoir Mme Fleming
25 Jan 17 /
Tristes adieux
17 Jan 17 / Forum Opéra
El caballero de las putas
12 Jan 17 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
Has the subtlety of a howitzer
5 Jan 17 / The Spectator
Your money or your love
27 Dec 16 / The Critics' Circle
A return to Robert Carsen's new production to hear two very different singers as the Marschallin and Octavian
26 Dec 16 / Planet Hugill
Amber and gold from a second Marschallin and Octavian
24 Dec 16 / The Arts Desk
Renée Fleming bids farewell to the UK stage in Robert Carsen's new production
22 Dec 16 / What's on Stage
Richard Strauss's Rosenkavalier is not an easy opera to produce
22 Dec 16 / Express
Renée Fleming was an elegant and beautifully nuanced Marschallin
21 Dec 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Not as romantic as usual
20 Dec 16 / The Stage
Robert Carsen’s felicitous production sails triumphantly past inherent problems in the work
20 Dec 16 / Independent
Fleming's farewell to London
20 Dec 16 / Opera Today
Handsome production is a springboard to new ideas
20 Dec 16 / Evening Standard
Big guns and young lovers overcome stage obstacles
19 Dec 16 / The Guardian
Stop all the clocks: Renée Fleming's valedictory Marschallin at the Royal Opera
19 Dec 16 / Bachtrack
This long, virtuosic score came across with incomparable style
19 Dec 16 / Classical Source
This glamorous Rosenkavalier is a much-needed hit for Covent Garden
19 Dec 16 / Telegraph
The Royal Opera’s new Der Rosenkavalier: rather a missed opportunity
19 Dec 16 / Seen and Heard
Written on Skin

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 16

Barbara Hannigan is thrilling as the sexually defiant Agnes
22 Jan 17 / Express
Great singing, extraordinary music, very odd opera
19 Jan 17 / Express
A modern classic
17 Jan 17 / Music OMH
A contemporary operatic masterpiece
17 Jan 17 / Evening Standard
The music glistens
17 Jan 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Concentrated intensity
16 Jan 17 / Planet Hugill
Benjamin at Covent Garden: an historical and unmissable performance
16 Jan 17 / Seen and Heard
George Benjamin creates a dazzling clash of the medieval and modern
16 Jan 17 / Independent
Written on Skin might have been named Etched in Blood; it is chillingly refined and brutal
16 Jan 17 / Opera Today
Hannigan is spellbinding in parable of beauty and violence
16 Jan 17 / The Guardian
A grisly love triangle: Written on Skin returns to Covent Garden
15 Jan 17 / Bachtrack
George Benjamin and Martin Crimp's admired 2013 opera returns in Katie Mitchell's production
15 Jan 17 / What's on Stage
A modern masterpiece
15 Jan 17 / The Stage
A 21st-century operatic masterpiece
15 Jan 17 / Classical Source
Benjamin’s inventive score beautifully illuminates the action
15 Jan 17 / The Upcoming
Written on Skin is one of the operatic masterpieces of our time
15 Jan 17 / Telegraph
Written on Skin
Composer George Benjamin and performer Christopher Purves explain how a new opera is brought to life.
The Nose

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 22

Kosky delivers an energetic staging that matches Shostakovich's musically eclectic score
5 Jan 17 / Opera Journal
¡Joder con la nariz!
14 Nov 16 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
Aventures nasales à Londres
5 Nov 16 / ConcertoNet (French)
Rhinal tap
1 Nov 16 / The Critics' Circle
Kosky crams in a mass of fast-moving, choreographed chaos
31 Oct 16 / Express
A terrifically good nose job
27 Oct 16 / The Spectator
Two hours of absurdity with no interval, but it hooks you
26 Oct 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Shostakovich's satirical comic opera reaches the Covent Garden stage for the first time
25 Oct 16 / What's on Stage
Se il Naso balla il tip tap
25 Oct 16 / Il Giornale della Musica (Ita)
Barry Kosky
A kangaroo with a nose for opera.
The whiff of scandal surrounding Shostakovich’s Nose
With its cast of 80, a new English version of Shostakovich’s satirical opera The Nose is set to bring mayhem to Covent Garden, as its translator David Pountney explains.
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Pappano signals ROH departure in 2020
Sir Antonio Pappano has implied that he will leave his position as music director at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden when his contract expires in 2020.
18 Jun 2017 / Opera Now
Royal Opera House cast and audience evacuated
Cast members and theatre-goers were evacuated from the Royal Opera House in London after a fire alarm went off mid-performance.
31 May 2017 / BBC News
The Royal Opera House implements security measures
The Royal Opera House has ordered unprecedented security measures after the Manchester terror attack at an Ariana Grande Concert.
26 May 2017 / OperaWire
Royal Opera’s Oliver Mears
‘I used to hold meetings in the car’
18 May 2017 / The Stage
Royal Opera House adopts charity fundraising tactics
The Royal Opera House has launched a costume appeal towards the cost of all those top hats, feathery dresses and glittery wigs.
16 Apr 2017 / Telegraph