Tête à Tête Opera Festival - London
28 March 2017

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Tête à Tête Opera Festival

No. of reviews: 5

Another latterday celebrity the subject for contemporary opera
7 Aug 13 / Opera Britannia
More than 30 new short operas over 17 days
6 Aug 13 / The Stage
And the Crowd (Wept) is the most newsworthy of the five pieces on offer
4 Aug 13 / The Guardian
Tête à Tête Opera Festival at Riverside Studios has thrown up some interesting experiments
4 Aug 13 / Telegraph
It is well worth taking pot-luck
4 Aug 13 / Musical Pointers
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Tête à Tête Opera Festival

No. of reviews: 2

The fifth Tête à Tête alternative opera festival certainly doesn't stint on quantity
20 Aug 11 / The Guardian
A festival for opera fans with open minds, patience, a sense of humour and no preconceptions
10 Aug 11 / Telegraph
Sonya's Story

Tête à Tête Opera Festival

No. of reviews: 3

Diva to Director
3 Sep 10 / Musical Pointers
It's clear that a great deal of love and care has gone into it
24 Aug 10 / Independent
Full marks to Sally Burgess who makes this a commanding piece of theatre
18 Aug 10 / Remotegoat
Neal Thornton - Sonya's Story
Opera star Sally Burgess is building on her last year's highly successful venture into opera direction with another premiere for the Tete-à-Tete Opera Festival.
Sally's story: from singing actress to Chekhovian opera director
The transition from opera singer to director has been an emotional rollercoaster – often thrilling and frightening at the same time.
Various Operas

Tête à Tête Opera Festival

No. of reviews: 5

Tête à Tête's annual festival closed with a flurry of recent, new and still-developing works
29 Aug 10 / Independent on Sunday
A hotbed of exploration and experimentation
21 Aug 10 / The Stage
Tete a Tete's annual Opera Festival is wonderfully random, and throws up some fine things
12 Aug 10 / Telegraph
The fare could not possibly have been more contrasted
12 Aug 10 / Musical Pointers
This year's Tête à Tête festival blends its own creations with shows emanating
12 Aug 10 / The Guardian
Various Operas

Tête à Tête Opera Festival

No. of reviews: 7

A heady fortnight of up to six 21st century productions
22 Aug 09 / The Stage
She came, she saw, she flashed her knickers
18 Aug 09 / The Times
A must-see for anyone interested in the development of new opera
18 Aug 09 / Music OMH
Vocal Motions Elastic Theatre’s Medousa seemed like an experiment worth pursuing
18 Aug 09 / Telegraph
It is a pick and mix affair
18 Aug 09 / Musical Pointers
The Tête à Tête festival promises to give opera "a kick up the aria"
18 Aug 09 / The Observer
The Weatherman hardly qualifies as music theatre, let alone opera
18 Aug 09 / The Guardian
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Tête à Tête Opera Festival
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