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23 October 2018

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La Traviata
A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Porgy and Bess

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 8

ENO’s production restores the majestic brilliance of the full score
21 Oct 18 / The Reviews Hub
Full of good things
15 Oct 18 / Planet Hugill
Fine ENO cast but as Catfish Row comes to the Coliseum perhaps Porgy and Bess is too ‘traditional’
15 Oct 18 / Seen and Heard
With John Wilson, Gershwin's music is the winner at ENO's Porgy and Bess
13 Oct 18 / Bachtrack
The chorus are like the best gospel choir you’ve ever heard
13 Oct 18 / The Times
You can almost hear the heat
13 Oct 18 / The Guardian
Knock-out choruses but a hollow core
13 Oct 18 / Telegraph
Some first-night caution aside, this will shape up to be one of the company’s signature productions
13 Oct 18 / Classical Source

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 20

The musical pleasures were supplemented by some good singing and dramatic performances
18 Oct 18 / Opera Journal
Losing heads in London
17 Oct 18 / ConcertoNet (English)
A radically feminist version of the story
12 Oct 18 / Express
If you’re used to installation art, you’ll take to it more readily
9 Oct 18 / The Critics' Circle
Blood and guts meet street dance and a kinky Santa in a provocative production of Strauss’s opera
7 Oct 18 / The Observer
ENO’s cast deserved better than this incompetent, incoherent production of Salome
5 Oct 18 / Seen and Heard
There will be blood in English National Opera’s Salome
4 Oct 18 / San Francisco Classical Voice
Flogging a dead horse: a new Salome at English National Opera
2 Oct 18 / Bachtrack
English National Opera's production is psychologically acute but dramaturgically flawed
2 Oct 18 / Evening Standard
Once-banned opera Salome is back on the London stage
2 Oct 18 / Londonist
ENO's Salome both intrigues and bewilders
1 Oct 18 / Opera Today
A cold-hearted, half-baked conceptual riff on an opera that should leave you shattered
1 Oct 18 / The Times
Petals, porn and dead ponies give Strauss a feminist reboot
1 Oct 18 / The Guardian
Vividly theatrical, lyrically sung, but....
1 Oct 18 / Planet Hugill
Visually arresting, but decidedly peculiar
1 Oct 18 / The Stage
A baffling, feminine interpretation of Strauss
30 Sep 18 / Telegraph
Headless horses with floral innards in theatre of the absurd
30 Sep 18 / Independent
Inertia kills strong stage pictures, decent singing and a bejewelled orchestra
30 Sep 18 / The Arts Desk
Big on gesture but short on enlightenment
30 Sep 18 / Classical Source
The excellent cast captures the audience from the start
30 Sep 18 / The Upcoming
Heady stuff: Salome, a bloody and brutal heroine for our age?
Strauss’s opera, with its necrophilia, nudity and sheer nastiness is - and always was - a huge challenge for singers. Can a new production coming to ENO emphasise its ‘mythic and feminine’ elements?
Paul Bunyan

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 6

Where the opera fails is in its story-telling
13 Sep 18 / Express
Britten’s facility and efficacy for appropriating musical styles is on constant display
6 Sep 18 / Classical Source
Jamie Manton’s wonderfully alive staging of Paul Bunyan for ENO
5 Sep 18 / Seen and Heard
Embrace the chaos and there’s fun to be had
5 Sep 18 / The Times
New world created in old music hall: Paul Bunyan at Wilton's
5 Sep 18 / Bachtrack
Britten's first opera is still a joyful spectacle of youthful exuberance
5 Sep 18 / Telegraph
The Turn of the Screw

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 12

Intelligent, cogent and, as the sky darkened, properly spooky
2 Jul 18 / The Observer
A brilliantly creepy Turn Of The Screw
30 Jun 18 / Metro
A spook in the park that’s beautiful listening
29 Jun 18 / A Younger Theatre
Not enough spookiness at ghostly chamber opera that hints at child abuse
29 Jun 18 / Ham&High
Knocking it out the (Regent's) Park
28 Jun 18 / Bachtrack
Toby Purser conducts with authority and sensitivity
28 Jun 18 / Classical Source
A stunning reimagination of Britten's ghost opera
27 Jun 18 / What's on Stage
The singing is superb and one sensed that every member of the capacity audience was spellbound if not spooked
27 Jun 18 / Opera Today
A chillingly convincing revival of Britten's ghostly opera
27 Jun 18 / Telegraph
Britten’s score becomes increasingly suggestive of evil forces insidiously whittling away the sanity of trusting innocents
26 Jun 18 / The Times
Britten's opera chills the spine as darkness falls
26 Jun 18 / The Guardian
An atmospheric but not especially scary open air outing
26 Jun 18 / Time Out
Le nozze di Figaro

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 9

An unusually strong cast makes up for muddy staging
6 Apr 18 / Independent
This is exactly what the English National Opera should be doing
4 Apr 18 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
A reasonably safe, crowd-pleasing production enhanced by engaging performances
4 Apr 18 / The Stage
Lust and labyrinths
2 Apr 18 / Bachtrack
ENO stimulates with revival of Mozart’s The Marriago of Figaro
2 Apr 18 / Seen and Heard
A very humane comedy
2 Apr 18 / Planet Hugill
A revival that shows many more strengths than weaknesses
1 Apr 18 / Music OMH
This Figaro stands well and there is much to relish and enjoy
31 Mar 18 / Classical Source
Fiona Shaw's The Marriage of Figaro returns to the London Coliseum
31 Mar 18 / Opera Today
La Traviata

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 13

The kink’s english
3 Apr 18 / parterre box
Essential story gets rather lost
26 Mar 18 / Express
A worthy production debut from Daniel Kramer’s team now that he has his feet under the table
21 Mar 18 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
More croce than delizia: Daniel Kramer’s new Traviata offers entertainment but little heart
20 Mar 18 / Bachtrack
ENO's disappointing new production of Verdi's popular crowd-puller
19 Mar 18 / What's on Stage
By and large this is a cack-handed production
19 Mar 18 / Independent
Kramer's production ultimately seemed a little too eager, too desperate to please
19 Mar 18 / Opera Today
Decadence and camp debauchery in a Verdi partyland
19 Mar 18 / The Guardian
Daniel Kramer’s La traviata for English National Opera disappoints
19 Mar 18 / Seen and Heard
The key performers are dangerously exposed
19 Mar 18 / The Times
This Traviata is similarly jinxed
18 Mar 18 / Classical Source
There was no scandal here, just conventional operatic melodrama
18 Mar 18 / Telegraph
Daniel Kramer digs a grave for musical-theatre possibilities
18 Mar 18 / The Arts Desk
A Midsummer Night's Dream

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 17

Summer lovin’
20 Mar 18 / The Critics' Circle
A double helping of Titania, Bottom and friends
12 Mar 18 / The Observer
Notwithstanding the colourful costumes, this production of A Midsummer Night's Dream has inert, unimaginative and superficial staging
11 Mar 18 / Daily Mail
The result brings joy to the heart
7 Mar 18 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
ENO’s excellent company performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
6 Mar 18 / Seen and Heard
Bright-eyed and comic
6 Mar 18 / Financial Times (via Google)
A return to the world of sleep and dreams
5 Mar 18 / Planet Hugill
Why did ENO bother to revive Robert Carsen’s limp Britten staging?
5 Mar 18 / The Times
The latest revival of Robert Carsen’s production confirms its theatrical brilliance
3 Mar 18 / The Stage
With sigh-inducing simplicity, Carsen’s production covers Shakespeare’s big themes
3 Mar 18 / Classical Source
The perfect antidote to a cold winter's evening
3 Mar 18 / Telegraph
Hot ice and strange snow: an unseasonal return for Carsen’s bed-hopping Dream
3 Mar 18 / Bachtrack
A faithful version of the play with added humour
3 Mar 18 / Express
You can't see the forest for the very stylish trees
3 Mar 18 / Evening Standard
Carsen's classic staging makes a welcome return
3 Mar 18 / The Guardian
Robert Carsen's A Midsummer Night's Dream returns to ENO
3 Mar 18 / Opera Today
The perfect winter warmer, Robert Carsen's ageless production returns to ENO
3 Mar 18 / What's on Stage

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 15

Un bain d’humour britannique
6 Mar 18 / ConcertoNet (French)
Fairy bad
23 Feb 18 / The Critics' Circle
Here is staging and performance deserving the full support of the Arts Council
21 Feb 18 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
A bring-the-whole-family production
20 Feb 18 / Express
An opera with a cast that is pretty close to perfect
19 Feb 18 / Express
The production feels very fresh at the moment and it needs to stay that way
16 Feb 18 / Music OMH
Could prove just the big hit that ENO needs
15 Feb 18 / Telegraph
The staging is particularly arresting visually
15 Feb 18 / Classical Source
House of Lords satire bursts with frothy exuberance
15 Feb 18 / The Guardian
Cal McCrystal’s new production relishes the topsy-turvy world where peris consort with peri-wigs
15 Feb 18 / Opera Today
Director Cal McCrystal never knows when to stop, diverting too much attention from the music and lyrics
15 Feb 18 / The Times
ENO rendition of Gilbert & Sullivan opera is a second-class show
15 Feb 18 / Evening Standard
A colourful, exuberant riot
15 Feb 18 / Bachtrack
The first two acts are nowhere near funny enough
15 Feb 18 / Independent
The new Gilbert and Sullivan offering from English National Opera is sheer bliss
15 Feb 18 / What's on Stage

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 13

Perfectly thought-through and immaculately staged
12 Feb 18 / Express
A persistent meditative state
9 Feb 18 / Bachtrack
A masterclass in suggestion and imagination
8 Feb 18 / The Guardian
This choral work raises us from the cares of life to something etherea
7 Feb 18 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Toby Spence is the perfect Gandhi
6 Feb 18 / Independent
A largely new cast and conductor bring something very special to this seminal work
6 Feb 18 / Opera Today
Remarkable, thought-provoking Satyagraha from ENO
5 Feb 18 / Seen and Heard
When the Glass feels half full
5 Feb 18 / Telegraph
The images and icons that the Improbable team create with the simplest materials are astonishing
5 Feb 18 / The Times
Philip Glass's Gandhi opera is revived by English National Opera for the third time
3 Feb 18 / What's on Stage
As mesmerising as ever
3 Feb 18 / Financial Times (via Google)
Toby Spence brings off the potent force of Gandhi’s non-violent personality patiently and skilfully
3 Feb 18 / Classical Source
Phelim McDermott’s staging of Philip Glass’ Gandhi opera once again provides an unforgettable experience
3 Feb 18 / The Stage

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 22

Hitch free
29 Nov 17 / The Critics' Circle
Création mondiale de Marnie au London Coliseum
24 Nov 17 / Opera Online
Marnie, création mondiale de Nico Muhly à l'ENO
23 Nov 17 / ResMusica
This production by Broadway veteran Michael Mayer, making his first entry into opera, is outstanding
22 Nov 17 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Nico Muhly’s Marnie for ENO returns to England and loses the plot
21 Nov 17 / Seen and Heard
Where Marnie is an unqualified triumph is in its direction and sets
21 Nov 17 / Opera Today
A new large-scale opera from ENO in a distinguished staging by Michael Mayer
21 Nov 17 / What's on Stage
Muhly's operatic thriller sounds great but lacks the twists and turns of Hitchcock's iconic film version
21 Nov 17 / Time Out
An uneasy and uneven transition to the stage
21 Nov 17 / Independent
Elina Makropoulos chez Hitchcock
21 Nov 17 / Forum Opéra
Muhly's Marnie fails to find the drama of Winston Graham's novel
21 Nov 17 / Bachtrack
Well-intentioned remake falls short of Hitchcock’s thriller
21 Nov 17 / Evening Standard
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News & Articles

English National Opera
As ENO marks 50 years at the Coliseum, is it time to move on?
5 Oct 2018 / Telegraph
ENO bans food and drink
English National Opera bans food and drink after audience members smuggle vodka in water bottles.
1 Oct 2018 / Evening Standard
ENO was the Quentin Tarantino of opera powerhouses-what happened?
With the white elephant venue of the Coliseum and falling audiences, a crisis is looming. It’s time for a mission rethink.
30 Jun 2018 / The Guardian
Fresh crisis at English National Opera as key figure quits
Producing director Terri-Jayne Griffin to leave, with others claiming ENO ‘lacks ambition’.
20 Jun 2018 / The Guardian
Opera chiefs extend ‘elitist’ ban on drinks
English National Opera has bowed to criticism of its decision to ban those watching musicals from taking in food or drink and has now widened the policy to all audience members.
12 May 2018 / The Times

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