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12 December 2018

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The Skating Rink
Eugene Onegin

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Performance reviews

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The Skating Rink

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 15

The Skating Rink grows in intensity with each act
15 Jul 18 / The Observer
This complex modern drama, brilliantly sung, is a frozen asset
15 Jul 18 / The Sunday Times
An exotic new mystery thriller is Garsington's final opera of 2018
14 Jul 18 / What's on Stage
The Skating Rink is not as engaging and stimulating as it could be
10 Jul 18 / Seen and Heard
Prosaic words and music fail to make magic on ice
10 Jul 18 / Evening Standard
Strong performance of a new opera with a very striking voice, inspired by Roberto Bolano's novel
9 Jul 18 / Planet Hugill
With its blazing sunshine, there could not have been a more appropriate day for the premiere of this work
9 Jul 18 / Music OMH
The Skating Rink is not as engaging and stimulating as it could be
9 Jul 18 / Seen and Heard
Smart murder mystery opera is unfussy and clear
7 Jul 18 / The Guardian
A superb cast can't save a thin plot and banal libretto
7 Jul 18 / Independent
Finely observed
7 Jul 18 / The Stage
An intriguing experiment in neo-noir that pays off handsomely
7 Jul 18 / Telegraph
The whole received a strong performance from both cast and orchestra
7 Jul 18 / Opera Today
Shivers up and down the spine
7 Jul 18 / Bachtrack
Grant Doyle as Enric sings with burnished tone throughout and is dramatically effective
6 Jul 18 / Classical Source

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 20

Le niveau d’excellence du plateau vocal force l’admiration et appelle les hourras!
9 Jul 18 / Anaclase
No contest
2 Jul 18 / The Critics' Circle
A little bit of magic: Soprano Miah Persson in Richard Strauss's opera
28 Jun 18 / The Epoch Times
It was Music which ‘won’ in the end
26 Jun 18 / Music OMH
Many musical rewards in Capriccio at Garsington
14 Jun 18 / Seen and Heard
A little bit of magic: Miah Persson in Richard Strauss's Capriccio at Garsington
11 Jun 18 / Planet Hugill
Miah Persson excels in Capriccio
11 Jun 18 / The Times
Strauss’s last opera is a ‘whim whim’ for Wormsley festival
11 Jun 18 / Henley Standard
Mozart’s forces of darkness and light fight it out alongside voluptuous Strauss on the lawns at Garsington
10 Jun 18 / The Observer
Music and words in operatic struggle
8 Jun 18 / Oxford Mail
Garsington makes as good a case as you can for Strauss's frothy Capriccio
7 Jun 18 / The Spectator
Garsington gives stimulating performance of Strauss’s Capriccio
6 Jun 18 / Seen and Heard
A rare production of Strauss's final opera and a sophisticated summer treat
6 Jun 18 / What's on Stage
On occasion things are a little too serious, but overall Richard Strauss’s ensemble piece plays out with nuance and verve
5 Jun 18 / The Times
Makes a profound impression
5 Jun 18 / The Stage
Ingeniously controlled chaos
5 Jun 18 / Independent
The poignancy of triviality
4 Jun 18 / Opera Today
A gentle, sympathetic Capriccio at Garsington
4 Jun 18 / Bachtrack
Miah Persson’s beautifully judged Countess is discreet without a hint of sphinx-like remoteness
3 Jun 18 / Classical Source
A sweet and beautiful confection
3 Jun 18 / Telegraph

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 10

The most cheerful and warmhearted production of Verdi’s final opera I have seen
25 Jun 18 / Express
Sister suffragette
24 Jun 18 / Forum Opéra
Falstaff in the 'back garden'? Blooming good!
24 Jun 18 / Daily Mail
A list of today’s great Falstaffs should now include Henry Waddington
21 Jun 18 / Music OMH
Verdi's comic farewell in a fine new production by Garsington Opera
20 Jun 18 / What's on Stage
Garsington Opera transfers Falstaff from Elizabeth pomp to Edwardian pompousness
20 Jun 18 / Opera Today
You will rarely hear Verdi’s intricate ensembles delivered with such rapport between pit and stage, nor the drama paced so effectively
20 Jun 18 / The Times
The pace is terrific
20 Jun 18 / Classical Source
Henry Waddington gives the most convincing, moving, and beautifully-sung performance
19 Jun 18 / Independent
Songs of innocence and experience: Verdi's Falstaff at Garsington
19 Jun 18 / Bachtrack
Die Zauberflöte

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 12

The overture and the great choral pieces were solemn and dignified, and the duets sparkling
19 Jun 18 / Music OMH
A production swamped by a surplus of ideas
16 Jun 18 / Classical Source
Mozart’s forces of darkness and light fight it out alongside voluptuous Strauss on the lawns at Garsington
10 Jun 18 / The Observer
Imaginative re-think on Mozart's Enlightenment
9 Jun 18 / Express
Cold and confusing
7 Jun 18 / The Spectator
Garsington’s Die Zauberflöte is more rewarding vocally than theatrically
6 Jun 18 / Seen and Heard
The orchestra is carefully blended, the chorus is terrific and the soloists uniformly impressive
4 Jun 18 / The Times
Netia Jones shows she's more than a video artist with her riveting new staging of 'Die Zauberflöte'
2 Jun 18 / What's on Stage
Netia Jones' new Die Zauberflöte opens Garsington Opera's 2018 season
2 Jun 18 / Opera Today
An enigmatic staging
2 Jun 18 / The Stage
By setting the action in a Masonic lodge, Netia Jones leaves no space for the imagination
2 Jun 18 / Independent
Truth and Wisdom: a searching Zauberflöte at Garsington
2 Jun 18 / Bachtrack
Silver Birch

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 5

This community opera is cinematic in its scope and fluidity
1 Aug 17 / The Times
A real achievement
1 Aug 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Garsington’s season closes on a high note with Panufnik’s Silver Birch
1 Aug 17 / Seen and Heard
Panufnik’s music is both strong and accessible
31 Jul 17 / Music OMH
A work of beauty and hope
30 Jul 17 / Classical Source
Pelléas et Mélisande

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 12

La soirée n’a pas été des meilleures
13 Jul 17 / Anaclase
The main musical satisfaction of this new Pelléas et Mélisande was the intense playing of the Philharmonia Orchestra
22 Jun 17 / The Spectator
Garsington Opera’s provocative and compelling staging of Pelléas et Mélisande
21 Jun 17 / Seen and Heard
Andrea Carroll makes a bewitching Mélisande in Debussy’s decadent opera
21 Jun 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Light and shade
20 Jun 17 / Bachtrack
Andrea Carroll’s Mélisande is her UK debut and it’s an impressive one
20 Jun 17 / Music OMH
Fresh light on Debussy's mysterious fairytale
19 Jun 17 / The Guardian
Michael Boyd directs and the Philharmonia Orchestra plays Debussy's opera
19 Jun 17 / What's on Stage
Andrea Carroll’s exquisite performance is the highlight of this mixed staging of Debussy’s only opera
19 Jun 17 / The Times
Boyd brings the opera’s dreams and mysteries into landscapes that are lit, symbolically and figuratively, with precision
19 Jun 17 / Opera Today
Positively amateurish
18 Jun 17 / Telegraph
Boyd treads a fine line between realism and poetic evasiveness
17 Jun 17 / Classical Source
Il Turco in Italia

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 7

Rions un peu
10 Jul 17 / Music OMH
It’s the perfect Summer evening opera
5 Jul 17 / Music OMH
Finely produced and performed Il turco in Italia at Garsington Opera
3 Jul 17 / Seen and Heard
Welcome revival for a summertime crowd-pleaser that's brimming with fizz and fun
1 Jul 17 / What's on Stage
Sarah Tynan brought real vocal fireworks to the role of Fiorilla
28 Jun 17 / Opera Today
Martin Duncan’s 2011 production of Rossini’s comedy has new snap and sexiness in this revival
28 Jun 17 / The Times
Personenregie perfection: Martin Duncan's Il turco in Italia at Garsington
28 Jun 17 / Bachtrack
Le nozze di Figaro

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 8

Cox sets the opera firmly in 18th century Spain and focuses with utmost clarity on the characters’ predicaments
11 Jun 17 / Express
Le nozze di Figaro at Garsington
9 Jun 17 / Bachtrack
This productions brings us close to the beating heart of Figaro the opera
7 Jun 17 / Classical Source
Garsington Opera’s rough-edged yet consistent interpretation of Le nozze di Figaro
7 Jun 17 / Seen and Heard
I have never known a Figaro like Joshua Bloom’s
6 Jun 17 / Independent
Enchanting and engaging
6 Jun 17 / The Stage
Douglas Boyd conducted a wonderfully vibrant, elegant, sparkling account of the score
6 Jun 17 / Music OMH
"Recreated" Figaro at Garsington delights
5 Jun 17 / Opera Today

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 13

The Garsington Opera Orchestra, under Jonathan Cohen, brings out the full glory of Handel’s score
11 Jun 17 / Express
Unusual production, glorious performance
8 Jun 17 / Seen and Heard
An entertaining modern dress production of Handel’s work
7 Jun 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Heidi Stober sang with clarity and confidence
6 Jun 17 / Music OMH
The whole thing becomes rather heavy going
6 Jun 17 / Independent
Star-dust and sparkle at Garsington Opera
5 Jun 17 / Opera Today
A magical new production of Handel's entertainment launches Garsington 2017
5 Jun 17 / What's on Stage
Heidi Stober gave a lively account of the title part
5 Jun 17 / Classical Source
Handel's celestial opera remade as a Technicolor romcom
3 Jun 17 / The Guardian
A highly entertaining and brilliantly sung new production of Handel's opera
3 Jun 17 / The Stage
Muscular conducting and a first-rate cast, but where's the charm?
3 Jun 17 / Telegraph
All that glitters: Miskimmon's hyperactive Semele opens Garsington’s season
3 Jun 17 / Bachtrack
Garsington gets the summer opera season off to a cracking start
2 Jun 17 / Evening Standard
Die Schöpfung

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 6

Brilliant, but distracting, dancing
23 Jul 16 / Oxford Times Online
Baldwin’s choreography is sculptural and focused
19 Jul 16 / Independent
The Creation was busier than usual at Garsington Opera
17 Jul 16 / The Observer
Garsington Opera has teamed up with the Rambert Dance Company nd the results are extremely impressive
17 Jul 16 / Music OMH
On the musical level this was mostly rewarding
16 Jul 16 / Classical Source
Birds, beasts and the cosmos: Garsington's Creation is an extraordinary spectacle
16 Jul 16 / Telegraph

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 9

Mozart's tale of a crisis in Crete looks and sounds good but lacks edge
8 Jul 16 / The Guardian
As the drama is played straight, a brilliant cast can shine
30 Jun 16 / Independent
Garsington Opera presents a musically compelling and dramatic version of Idomeneo
30 Jun 16 / Seen and Heard
Stylish seriousness and intelligent style
27 Jun 16 / Planet Hugill
Toby Spence is very strong in the title role
24 Jun 16 / Classical Source
Mozart's opera is vividly cast and delivered by the cream of (mostly) British talent
24 Jun 16 / What's on Stage
Musically, this was a strong performance, despite cuts that scarred the work
22 Jun 16 / Opera Today
A stern Father's Day treat
22 Jun 16 / Bachtrack
The cast, production team and orchestra were given a rapturous ovation, and rightly so
21 Jun 16 / Music OMH
Interview: Caitlin Hulcup
The Australian mezzo-soprano Caitlin Hulcup has been making quite a name for herself in some of the most prestigious opera houses around the world, and she will soon return to Garsington Opera to sing her first
Eugene Onegin

Garsington Opera

No. of reviews: 14

The summer opera season defies the downpours with terrific Tchaikovsky, morally improving Mascagni, Shakespearean Puccini and zesty Janáček
20 Jun 16 / The Observer
Pushkin's verse-novel Eugene Onegin is a classic tale of unrequited love
18 Jun 16 / Express
Garsington's got it all... even if the fat lady doesn't sing!
12 Jun 16 / Daily Mail
Roderick Williams’s Onegin is seen as a socially awkward outsider rather than a cold-hearted snob
12 Jun 16 / Express
The close of the drama is riveting
9 Jun 16 / Independent
A flawed yet absorbing and immensely moving account of Tchaikovsky's romantic opera
8 Jun 16 / What's on Stage
Slavs to love
8 Jun 16 / The Critics' Circle
Garsington emphasises psychological aspects of Eugene Onegin
7 Jun 16 / Seen and Heard
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News & Articles

Garsington Opera to team up with orchestras
The Garsington Opera Opera will be teaming up with The English Concert and the Philharmonia Orchestra in 2020.
24 Aug 2018 / OperaWire
Garsington's Douglas Boyd on Strauss and Skating Rinks
Capriccio was written during troubled times in 1941, but Garsington Opera’s Artistic Director, Douglas Boyd, rejects the notion that Capriccio indicates Strauss’s ‘indifference’ to the world.
15 May 2018 / Opera Today
Garsington Opera announces extended 2017 season
Garsington Opera’s 2017 season will see the company present four productions and a large community opera for the first time in its history.
17 Jan 2017 / Opera Now
Facing the music: Douglas Boyd
The conductor and artistic director of Garsington Opera on Mozart, football and the future. Just don’t ask him to do karaoke - he’ll get cross.
20 Jun 2016 / The Guardian
Garsington Opera announces its 2017 season
The 2017 season will be the first time Garsington stages four opera productions as well as the newly commissioned Silver Birch.
7 Jun 2016 / Slipped Disc

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