Manchester International Festival - Manchester
17 October 2021

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News & Articles

What Damon Albarn's opera really means . . .
Dr Dee is quite a puzzle. But some audience members have a crack at decoding it.
5 Jul 2011 / The Guardian
Damon Albarn
Damon Albarn, whose opera 'Monkey’ was a huge hit with critics and audiences, is about to launch his latest musical-theatre venture, Dr Dee at the Manchester International Festival.
30 Jun 2011 / Telegraph
Damon Albarn's very English opera
Doctor Dee was a confidante of Elizabeth I, a mathematician and alchemist. Damon Albarn has written an opera about him and says the work has allowed him to express his patriotism.
23 Jun 2011 / The Guardian
Damon Albarn's new opera will be a summer treat
Gorillaz singer Damon Albarn is embarking on an opera as part of the Manchester International Festival.
18 Mar 2011 / Telegraph
Rufus Wainwright’s new aria
The singer-songwriter unveils his first opera in England.
10 Jul 2009 / Wall Street Journal