Novaya Opera - Moscow
14 December 2017

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Novaya Opera

No. of reviews: 1

A truly sensational Salome at Novaya Opera
30 Oct 15 / The Moscow Times
Prince Igor

Novaya Opera

London Coliseum

No. of reviews: 10

Jan Latham-Koenig extracts a smooth and burnished sound from the Novaya Opera Orchestra
6 Apr 14 / Music OMH
Sumptuous performance of Prince Igor in London
4 Apr 14 / Seen and Heard
The opera’s dramatic narrative is sacrificed for set-pieces
3 Apr 14 / Classical Source
The direction is roughly hewn
3 Apr 14 / The Stage
Sergey Artamonov thrills as Prince Igor, with a beast of a voice
3 Apr 14 / Evening Standard
The distinctive qualities of the Russian instrumental tradition come across with impressive character
3 Apr 14 / The Guardian
This is an epic delivered with passion and panache
3 Apr 14 / Broadway World
Prince Igor at the London Coliseum is magnificent
3 Apr 14 / Telegraph
Production has too many echoes of Gilbert and Sullivan and Monty Python
3 Apr 14 / Independent
Novaya Opera has turned Borodin’s nationalist pageant into a kitsch and tawdry spectacle
3 Apr 14 / Financial Times (via Google)
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Novaya Opera
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News & Articles

Operas dominate Novaya's Epiphany Week fest
For the eighth year in a row, the end of the January holidays will bring with it the beginning of Novaya Opera's Epiphany Week festival, honoring the memory of the theater's founder, Yevgeny Kolobov.
28 Dec 2011 / The Moscow Times
Novaya Opera launches 7th Epiphany Week fest
Novaya Opera is set once again to relieve the post-holiday gloom with its seventh annual Epiphany Week festival, which in fact runs not for a week, but for slightly more than two weeks.
12 Jan 2011 / The Moscow Times
Novaya Opera’s ‘Epiphany’ Festival set to start
The post-holiday musical season gets off to a start this week with the sixth annual festival entitled “Epiphany Week at Novaya Opera.”
13 Jan 2010 / The Moscow Times
Touching up the Barbe
Novaya Opera imports director Elijah Moshinsky to direct a Rossini classic.
4 Nov 2008 / The Moscow Times
A feast for opera fans
Novaya Opera hosts its third annual Epiphany Week festival in honor of its late founder, Yevgeny Kolobov.
11 Jan 2007 / The Moscow Times