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17 October 2017

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The Winter's Tale
Don Giovanni

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Il barbiere di Siviglia

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 8

A razor sharp Barber of Seville revived at English National Opera
11 Oct 17 / Bachtrack
The perfect treatment for operaphobia
11 Oct 17 / Express
A star in the ENO firmament
11 Oct 17 / Planet Hugill
Sparkling 30th anniversary revival of Jonathan Miller's classic production
9 Oct 17 / Planet Hugill
Jonathan Miller's venerable production of Rossini's comedy, blissfully revived
7 Oct 17 / What's on Stage
A sparkling revival
7 Oct 17 / The Stage
Full of laughter and confident bel canto
7 Oct 17 / Independent
Jonathan Miller’s production of The Barber of Seville marks its thirtieth birthday
7 Oct 17 / Classical Source

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 17

Variable evening but delivers the goods musically
9 Oct 17 / Express
A bonkers Aida at the ENO
5 Oct 17 / The Spectator
Verdi’s Aida has always been seen as one of the grandest of grand operas
4 Oct 17 / Express
This was very much Aida's evening
4 Oct 17 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Verdi vies with Cirque du Soleil in a silky but Improbable ENO Aida
4 Oct 17 / Seen and Heard
Aida opens the season at ENO
3 Oct 17 / Opera Today
Strong singing and stage spectacle
2 Oct 17 / Planet Hugill
a musical and visual spectacle
2 Oct 17 / The Stage
Fine singing, shame about the hats
1 Oct 17 / The Observer
Moore and Jones are so good they almost make you forget the rest
30 Sep 17 / Metro
A High Priestess to cherish, in a production of empty spectacle
30 Sep 17 / Telegraph
Scrims, somersaults and a singing serviette in Phelim McDermott's new Aida for ENO
30 Sep 17 / What's on Stage
Superb singing with a touch of cod Gilbert and Sullivan
30 Sep 17 / iNews
Let’s hope the music carries this Aida through its next fifteen performances
30 Sep 17 / Classical Source
Smoky, sinister and outlandishly costumed
30 Sep 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Billowing silk and blue hair: Phelim McDermott creates an evocative Aida for ENO
29 Sep 17 / Bachtrack
Power and passion marred by a few duff notes
29 Sep 17 / The Guardian
The Dream of Gerontius

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 7

Perhaps the most striking aspect of this performance is the lighting
21 Jul 17 / A Younger Theatre
Simone Young is in supreme control of the ENO Orchestra, which delivers playing of the utmost sensitivity
6 Jul 17 / Music OMH
ENO’s chorus shone in Elgar’s oratorio — but what happened to the promised ‘staging’?
4 Jul 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
English National Opera presented, in simple terms, a Gerontius with lights
4 Jul 17 / Classical Source
New light on Elgar’s soul
4 Jul 17 / Evening Standard
Glimpse of heaven on earth as ENO perform The Dream of Gerontius at the Royal Festival Hall
4 Jul 17 / Seen and Heard
ENO takes Elgar's soul on a dramatic journey
3 Jul 17 / The Guardian
Charlie Parker's Yardbird

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 10

Under Clark Rundell, the sixteen-strong ENO ensemble adapts easily to the swing enshrined in Schnyder’s score
19 Jun 17 / Classical Source
A brilliant platform for Brownlee
17 Jun 17 / The Observer
The evening belongs to Lawrence Brownlee in the title role
17 Jun 17 / Music OMH
Lovely European premiere of Schnyder’s Yardbird at the English National Opera
14 Jun 17 / Seen and Heard
A moving tribute in Charlie Parker’s Yardbird
12 Jun 17 / Bachtrack
Lawrence Brownlee holds everything together with magnificent authority
12 Jun 17 / Independent
A jazz-infused opera about the life and times of Charlie Parker
12 Jun 17 / What's on Stage
Beauty, anger and poetry, but the jazz great's genius eludes us
11 Jun 17 / The Guardian
A solemn hagiography, lacking wit and energy
11 Jun 17 / Telegraph
Simply stupendous European premiere of a "bebopera" centred on the last days of Charlie Parker
10 Jun 17 / Jazz Journal
The Bird in my hand: my journey to Charlie Parker
Bridgette Wimberly’s uncle so idolised his jazz-legend friend that he took up the saxophone – and copied his heroin use. Now she’s written the libretto for an opera about the musician.

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 11

It’s fine… if you close your eyes
17 Apr 17 / The Guardian
Jenkins and Boe are a joy in Rodgers and Hammerstein classic
14 Apr 17 / The Guardian
Like the best types of fairground rides, this does not disappoint
14 Apr 17 / What's on Stage
Alfie Boe and Katherine Jenkins show off their pipes but their relationship lacks chemistry
14 Apr 17 / Evening Standard
Star power isn't the reason to catch ENO's Rodgers and Hammerstein pricey co-production
14 Apr 17 / The Arts Desk
Katherine Jenkins and Alfie Boe rise to the Rodgers and Hammerstein challenge
14 Apr 17 / Telegraph
Carousel has seldom felt less affecting
14 Apr 17 / The Stage
The music is where this show is at its strongest
14 Apr 17 / Broadway World
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s darkest work is masterpiece enough to withstand the mild indignities of miscasting
14 Apr 17 / A Younger Theatre
There's no question that the musical qualities in this show are exemplary
13 Apr 17 / London Theatre
Lonny Price’s production is very nearly a victim of its own success
13 Apr 17 / Music OMH
Fury as ENO casts Katherine Jenkins and Alfie Boe in Carousel
ENO has risked the wrath of its core fans after announcing it is to stage a new version of Carousel starring Alfie Boe and Katherine Jenkins, as it bids to expand its audiences to lovers of musicals.

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 16

Partenope is an operatic London Eye
24 Mar 17 / A Younger Theatre
Despite having a ludicrous plot, this is a glorious evening's entertainment
21 Mar 17 / Express
Curnyn and ENO revive Alden’s 2008 production of Handel’s Partenope with splendid results
20 Mar 17 / Seen and Heard
A musically sparkling revival of ENO's stylish 1920s production with Sarah Tynan stunning in the title role
20 Mar 17 / Planet Hugill
Partenope surréaliste au London Coliseum
20 Mar 17 / Opera Online
surrealism and sensuality at English National Opera
20 Mar 17 / Opera Today
The Orchestra under conductor Christian Curnyn brings out the glories of Handel’s sublime music
19 Mar 17 / Express
English National Opera’s production is a delight
18 Mar 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Sung as mellifluously as this, it’s one not to be missed
18 Mar 17 / Independent
The cast is less starry than on its original run in 2008, but is accomplished enough
17 Mar 17 / Classical Source
This witty, wry masterpiece gets the perfect updating
17 Mar 17 / The Times
Handel's spry comic opera returns to ENO in a strongly cast revival
17 Mar 17 / What's on Stage
Combining vivacity with delicacy
16 Mar 17 / The Stage
Handel on a night out with beardy bohemians
16 Mar 17 / The Guardian
A striking night in 1920s Paris
16 Mar 17 / Evening Standard
Pleasant enough but little more
16 Mar 17 / Bachtrack
The Pirates of Penzance

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 13

ENO’s Pirates finds its mojo
12 Mar 17 / The Observer
A pacy and well defined performance of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s marvellous score
19 Feb 17 / Express
A pleasant but uneven revival of Mike Leigh’s 2015 production
17 Feb 17 / A Younger Theatre
What a pleasure to welcome back Mike Leigh’s Pirates
15 Feb 17 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
This production’s basic difficulty was compounded by some poor directorial choices
14 Feb 17 / Music OMH
Petticoated pirate romp
14 Feb 17 / Bachtrack
English National Opera and cast impress in Mike Leigh’s production of The Pirates of Penzance
13 Feb 17 / Seen and Heard
Precise patter aplenty in Mike Leigh revival
13 Feb 17 / The Guardian
A charming Pirates of Penzance revival at ENO
11 Feb 17 / Opera Today
ENO's The Pirates of Penzance makes for bright, light entertainment
11 Feb 17 / Telegraph
Mike Leigh's reverential production of Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera returns
11 Feb 17 / What's on Stage
Fun for all
11 Feb 17 / Classical Source
Its first revival is even better thanks partly to an inspired cast
11 Feb 17 / Express
The Winter's Tale

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 15

A Winter's Tale: a world premiere at English National Opera
6 Mar 17 / Opera Today
ENO's Composer in Residence Ryan Wigglesworth has long been obsessed with The Winter’s Tale
6 Mar 17 / Express
A top ENO cast and orchestra do justice to Ryan Wigglesworth’s The Winter’s Tale
6 Mar 17 / The Observer
Création de The Winter’s Tale au London Coliseum
4 Mar 17 / Opera Online
The Winter’s Tale may not be a revelatory or ground-breaking opera, but it is a resourceful and absorbing one
3 Mar 17 / Classical Source
English National Opera gives The Winter’s Tale a baptism of which all should be proud
2 Mar 17 / Seen and Heard
An intelligent staging
1 Mar 17 / The Stage
A radiant Sophie Bevan as Hermione
1 Mar 17 / Independent
As dissonant and disconsolate as Leontes’s wintry court
1 Mar 17 / The Times
“A sad tale’s best for winter”: Wigglesworth's Shakespeare full of eloquent clarity at the Coliseum
1 Mar 17 / Bachtrack
If a sad tale really is best for winter, then we've certainly been blessed this year
1 Mar 17 / Broadway World
English National Opera's newly-commissioned opera is a triumph for Rory Kinnear
1 Mar 17 / What's on Stage
Impressive directorial debut by Rory Kinnear
1 Mar 17 / Evening Standard
Rory Kinnear's directorial debut is a charmless disappointment
1 Mar 17 / Telegraph
Striking sounds but not enough fury in new Shakespearean opera
1 Mar 17 / The Guardian

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 12

Jonathan Miller’s 1982 “mafioso” Rigoletto made a triumphant return to the Coliseum last week
12 Feb 17 / Express
This superb production well matches the tragedy that unfolds
8 Feb 17 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Jonathan Miller's production is ageing elegantly
7 Feb 17 / Evening Standard
Miller's Rigoletto makes a flawed return to English National Opera
6 Feb 17 / Bachtrack
ENO returns to Jonathan Miller’s classic production
6 Feb 17 / The Observer
Jonathan Miller’s Rigoletto comes round again at ENO
6 Feb 17 / Seen and Heard
ENO pumps up the volume on Verdi's violent tragedy
4 Feb 17 / The Guardian
Jonathan Miller's indestructible production of Verdi's revenge opera returns to ENO
4 Feb 17 / What's on Stage
The hairs rise as they should on the nape of the neck
4 Feb 17 / Independent
Welcome back to Little Italy in 1950s’ New York
4 Feb 17 / Classical Source
ENO should have left Jonathan Miller's Rigoletto on the shelf
4 Feb 17 / Telegraph
An unexceptional revival
4 Feb 17 / The Stage

English National Opera

No. of reviews: 17

La femme 100 têtes
18 Nov 16 / Forum Opéra
A tremendous company achievement
18 Nov 16 / Evening Standard
A work of enormous allure – and repulsiveness
18 Nov 16 / The Spectator
Kentridge’s Production of Lulu Another Triumph for English National Opera
17 Nov 16 / Seen and Heard
Mark Wigglesworth's conducting proved to be the unifying force for all its tones and styles
17 Nov 16 / Opera Journal
The one outstanding feature of the production was the American soprano Brenda Rae in the title role
17 Nov 16 / Express
This first night performance was an A-team success under the wonderfully incisive baton of Mark Wigglesworth
16 Nov 16 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Enter, cry, die
15 Nov 16 / The Critics' Circle
The great South African artist William Kentridge has directed a dazzling production of Berg’s landmark opera Lulu
14 Nov 16 / Express
ENO on superb form
11 Nov 16 / The Stage
Sara Connolly is compelling as Lulu’s admirer
11 Nov 16 / Independent
The production as a whole gets right to the centre of this heartless masterpiece
11 Nov 16 / Classical Source
As a piece of musical theatre you won't find better this year
11 Nov 16 / Broadway World
ENO's Lulu is a superb staging of a difficult modern masterpiece
11 Nov 16 / Telegraph
Kentridge makes Berg's opera a serious visual feast
11 Nov 16 / The Guardian
Dramatic intensity, risk of sensory overload
11 Nov 16 / Bachtrack
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News & Articles

The ENO in crisis?
The sheer quality of its operas can very quickly turn that around.
30 Sep 2017 / Evening Standard
Cressida Pollock to leave English National Opera
The chief executive of English National Opera, Cressida Pollock, is to leave her job three years after she was appointed to rescue the company from financial disaster.
22 Sep 2017 / Telegraph
English National Opera announces 2017/18 season
English National Opera’s 2017/18 season comprises four new productions and five revivals at the London Coliseum, and a number of projects in other venues.
28 Apr 2017 / Opera Now
ENO recruits diction coaches for new opera season
If you've ever struggled to hear every word being sung at an opera, things may be about to improve.
28 Apr 2017 / BBC News
La La Land music director to work with English National Opera
Marius de Vries joins as creative consultant to help new artistic director develop projects away from traditional opera.
10 Mar 2017 / The Guardian