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Metropolitan Opera

No. of reviews: 15

Sparks flew at the Metropolitan Opera as Chiara Isotton took over the title role
31 Jan 23 / parterre box
Fedora: not the hat – the scintillating opera
28 Jan 23 / Reaction
Potente uitvoering van Fedora live in HD
18 Jan 23 / Place de l'Opera
Yoncheva y Beczala se coronan en el Met con «Fedora»
17 Jan 23 / Opera World (Spanish)
Thanks to Yoncheva and Beczała at the Met, Fedora was worth seeing once but never again
17 Jan 23 / Seen and Heard
En direct de New-York: la somptueuse Fedora de Sonya Yoncheva
17 Jan 23 / Forum Opéra
Sonya Yoncheva est Fedora en direct du Metropolitan Opera
17 Jan 23 / Olyrix
Sonya Yoncheva and Piotr Beczala shine in McVicar’s latest production
6 Jan 23 / OperaWire
Guilty pleasures: Yoncheva and Beczała star in a new Fedora at the Met
6 Jan 23 / Bachtrack
The Met’s new Fedora is almost luxe, almost enough
6 Jan 23 / Vulture
The Met’s lively ‘Fedora’ leads it out of a dismal month
5 Jan 23 / New York Observer
Poison of interest
3 Jan 23 / parterre box
The Met Opera found an audience for ‘Fedora.’ For now.
2 Jan 23 / New York Times
“Fedora” returns to Met after 25 years in a sumptuous, richly sung production
2 Jan 23 / Classical Review
Met audience tips its hat to Fedora on New Year's Eve
2 Jan 23 / Broadway World
The true believers of Giordano’s rarely performed ‘Fedora’
Love or abhor this opera “Fedora” is endowed with a richly fascinating cultural history unknown to most in the English-speaking world, as the source materials have neither been translated nor gathered in one place.
Piotr Beczala: "Ich bin ein Teamspieler"
Ein Rollendebüt an der Metropolitan Opera in New York steht für den polnischen Tenor Piotr Beczała an: Er singt erstmals den Grafen Loris in Umberto Giordanos Oper "Fedora".
After 25 years, Fedora returns to the Metropolitan Opera
The show's director David McVicar on why the melodrama is an opportunity for "the leading lady to chew the scenery up.”
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