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The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 46

Operatic history is made in London
6 Aug 17 / The New Criterion
Perhaps Kaufmann’s greatest strength might be that his presence never overwhelms this production
21 Jul 17 / A Younger Theatre
Kaufmann frente a Kunde como Otello en el Covent Garden
18 Jul 17 / Beckmesser
L'Otello hors-style de Jonas Kaufmann au Royal Opera House
13 Jul 17 / ResMusica
Abondance d'Otello ne nuit pas
12 Jul 17 / Forum Opéra
Un decepcionante Otello con Jonas Kaufmann en Londres
12 Jul 17 / Opera World (Spanish)
Moor is less
11 Jul 17 / The Critics' Circle
El debut de Kaufmann como Otello
7 Jul 17 / Beckmesser
Con Rolex y sin mordente
7 Jul 17 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
Keith Warner nails his colours firmly to the mast at the start of the Royal Opera House's new production of Otello
6 Jul 17 / Opera Journal
Voilà une prise de rôle que le public attendait avec une fébrilité bien excusable
6 Jul 17 / Anaclase
Leaving blood on the shirt
4 Jul 17 / parterre box
Jonas Kaufmann stars in this searing account of Verdi’s tender, passionate and violent opera
2 Jul 17 / Daily Mail
Le premier Otello triomphal de Jonas Kaufmann
1 Jul 17 / Diapason
Jonas Kaufmann cements his legacy as one of history’s great Otellos
30 Jun 17 / OperaWire
Vocal performances to treasure despite Stygian gloom of Keith Warner’s Covent Garden Otello
30 Jun 17 / Seen and Heard
Et Cassio s'est converti en Otello
29 Jun 17 / Wanderer
Is the Jonas now too big a star to embody anything but himself?
29 Jun 17 / The Spectator
As Otello, Jonas Kaufmann gave a wonderfully nuanced performance
28 Jun 17 / Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Il Otello di Jonas Kaufmann
28 Jun 17 / Operaclick (Ita)
Toute première fois
27 Jun 17 / Forum Opéra
Otello à la Royal Opera House de Londres
26 Jun 17 / Opera Online
An underpowered Kaufmann is outshone by Iago
26 Jun 17 / The Observer
Kaufmann's first Otello
26 Jun 17 / Opera Today
Jonas Kaufmanns Otello: Nur ein Seitensprung
25 Jun 17 / Merkur
At Covent Garden last week Kaufmann triumphed as the Moorish General at the time and place of his choice
25 Jun 17 / Express
Hamlet at Glyndebourne: ‘I felt as I was experiencing the play with fresh eyes and ears'
24 Jun 17 / Country Life
The evening’s most complete vocal performance came from Maria Agresta as Desdemona
24 Jun 17 / Opera News
Jonas Kaufmann’s Otello is conceived on a human scale, his sound wonderfully burnished and romantic
24 Jun 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
Give me Moor, Moor, Moor! A triumphant Otello at the Royal Opera
24 Jun 17 / Metro
Tenor am Anschlag – Jonas Kaufmann singt „Otello“
23 Jun 17 / Die Welt
Es fehlt die Otello-Stimme
23 Jun 17 / BR-online
Opera is a powerful production with a hole at the centre
23 Jun 17 / Daily Mail
The hottest ticket this year
23 Jun 17 / Independent
Pappano's orchestra was electrically alive
23 Jun 17 / What's on Stage
All the best things emanated from the pit
23 Jun 17 / Classical Source
A bronze-toned lion of Venice: Kaufmann debuts as Otello at Covent Garden
23 Jun 17 / Bachtrack
Musical standards aid Kaufmann's debut, if production raises questions
23 Jun 17 / Limelight
Apart from singing beautifully, Kaufmann gives a convincing portrayal of Otello
23 Jun 17 / Express
Kaufmann thrills in a dark, expressionistic staging
23 Jun 17 / The Guardian
Simply put, Kaufmann is the great Otello for this generation of opera lovers
23 Jun 17 / City A.M.
Esultate! Jonas Kaufmann debuts as Otello
22 Jun 17 / Music OMH
Jonas Kaufmann sings an 'Otello' for the ages
22 Jun 17 / New York Times
Jonas Kaufmann’s introverted portrayal is countered by macho performances from the Royal Opera orchestra and chorus
22 Jun 17 / The Times
An Otello to rank with the finest
22 Jun 17 / Evening Standard
Jonas Kaufmann's debut let down by a lame and ugly staging
22 Jun 17 / Telegraph
Otello: opera, identity politics and blacking-up
Opera companies now eschew the once traditional black makeup for the lead in Verdi’s masterpiece, but it remains a controversial issue that highlights the need to nurture more diverse talent.
Major cancellation for The Royal Opera’s new ‘Otello’
Ludovic Tézier has canceled the upcoming production of Verdi’s “Otello” at the Royal Opera House.
Cinema will save opera for a new generation
Streaming opera in the cinema could save it for a new generation, a Royal Opera House director has suggested, as he claims it is helping to weed out the "hammy" over-acting young audiences hate.
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