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31 May 2020
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Einstein on the Beach

Barbican, London

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Is it an opera?
15 May 12 / Opera Britannia
The belated UK premiere of Philip Glass's epic 1976 opera really wasn't worth the wait
14 May 12 / Telegraph
The level of concentration required to perform this work defies imagination
13 May 12 / The Observer
How do you compare multiple Einsteins? Well, it's all relative
13 May 12 / Independent on Sunday
Einstein on the Beach is not an easy watch, but it had moments of sublime brilliance
12 May 12 / Telegraph
It was intensely emotional
10 May 12 / What's on Stage
In many ways it’s an evening of nostalgia
9 May 12 / The Stage
A raft of technical problems failed to break the spell of this superbly delivered opera
9 May 12 / Evening Standard
Flatulently pretentious and asphyxiatingly tedious
8 May 12 / Telegraph
A relic of an earlier era
7 May 12 / Classical Source
Off-beat production fascinates despite technical difficulties
7 May 12 / Music OMH
As operas go, Einstein on the Beach is a rich and strange one
7 May 12 / Musical Criticism
If you’re looking for 'meaning', this is a monumentally boring show
7 May 12 / Independent
The ensemble under Glass stalwart Michael Riesman gives the score verve and drive
7 May 12 / The Guardian
The longer it goes on, the more you fall under its spell
7 May 12 / Londonist
Technical cock ups can't obscure the genius of this Glass-Wilson-Childs collaboration
7 May 12 / The Arts Desk
Bianca Jagger and theatre critic's spat at the opera
Accusations fly as critic Mark Shenton blasts Jagger's use of flash photography during Einstein on the Beach, while she makes assault claim.
Production details
Silverman, Davis, Moran, Newell, WIlliams
(c) Riesman (d) Wilson
Performance dates
4 May 2012
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