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31 May 2020
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The Importance of Being Earnest

Barbican, London

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Barry’s operatic reworking of Wilde features megaphones, plate-smashing and lots of German
30 Apr 12 / Financial Times (via Google)
Gerald Barry's adaptation of 'a trivial comedy for serious people' merits a full staging
29 Apr 12 / Independent on Sunday
The music smiles scurrilously; the audience laughs back
29 Apr 12 / The Observer
One wonders what Wilde's play gains by being painted in music
28 Apr 12 / The Guardian
It’s all completely bonkers, but I went in grumping and came out grinning
28 Apr 12 / Telegraph
Barry’s dangerous and quicksilver take on Wilde proved to be a great night out
27 Apr 12 / Classical Source
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Hannigan, Tantsits, Bloom, Karolyi, Summers, Ewing, Bevan, Bevan
(c) Adès (d) Concert
Performance dates
26 April 2012
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