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5 June 2020
Simon O'Neill (Parsifal), Angela Denoke (Kundry)
Gerald Finley (Amfortas), Robert Lloyd (Titurel)
Simon O'Neill (Parsifal), Flower Maidens
Simon O'Neill (Parsifal), René Pape (Gurnemanz)
Simon O'Neill (Parsifal)

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The Royal Opera

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Technical hitches mar Parsifal transmission
23 Dec 13 / Seen and Heard
In search of meaning...
23 Dec 13 / Auditorium
Underpinning the whole production with an extraordinary quiet intensity is the Gurnemanz of René Pape
22 Dec 13 / Opera Britannia
Parsifal has anxiety, rage, near-madness — unfortunately the Royal Opera's version doesn't
13 Dec 13 / The Spectator
Magnificent performances and powerful music amply compensate for the convoluted plot of Wagner's magical medieval opera
12 Dec 13 / Express
Royal Opera's new 'Parsifal' is a radical, and truly visionary, production
11 Dec 13 / Classicalite
The literal and the lofty collide in Royal Opera's epic production of Wagner's great swan song
8 Dec 13 / The Observer
¿Quién es el Grial?
6 Dec 13 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
Parsifal at the Royal Opera House is a spiritual experience
4 Dec 13 / Metro
There’s something unsatisfying about Langridge’s handling of the whole dramatic scheme
3 Dec 13 / The Stage
Looking for answers at Royal Opera’s ‘Parsifal’
3 Dec 13 / New York Times
Stephen Langridge’s production of Wagner’s opera has both intellectual fibre and visual eloquence
3 Dec 13 / Financial Times (via Google)
A triumphant evening
3 Dec 13 / Independent
Musically, the evening was an undisputed triumph
2 Dec 13 / What's on Stage
Is anyone else sick of creepy brotherhoods skewering the transcendent in Mozart’s and Wagner’s late operas?
2 Dec 13 / The Arts Desk
A sublime performance, stripped of Christian references, of a totally involving if problematic opera
2 Dec 13 / The Guardian
Wagner's opaque opera resists interpretation, as usual, but the musical quality of this production is as clear as day
2 Dec 13 / Telegraph
'I feel I've joined the Wagner train and I have a valid ticket'
The baritone Gerald Finley talks about his 100th Covent Garden performance and the obsession that tied his career in knot.
Production details
Finley, Lloyd, Pape, O'Neill, White, Denoke, Philip, Mattar, Bijelic, Kelly, Fubesi, Gomes, Byrne, Howarth, Patalong, Devin, James, Gringyte
(c) Pappano (d) Langridge
Performance dates
30 November, 2, 5, 11, 15, 18 December 2013
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