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Der Rosenkavalier

Metropolitan Opera

No. of reviews: 14

Renée Fleming and Elīna Garanča bid farewell in the Met’s sumptuous Der Rosenkavalier
16 May 17 / Seen and Heard
Elīna Garanča, Günther Groissböck deliver nuanced performances in solid production
2 May 17 / OperaWire
Le crépuscule radieux
24 Apr 17 / Forum Opéra
A Rosenkavalier for the radio at The Met
20 Apr 17 / Bachtrack
Renée Fleming shines in a cool new version of Richard Strauss’s opera
19 Apr 17 / Financial Times (via Google)
For Renée Fleming’s last Met stand — or is it? — a new production focuses on the past’s lost innocence
15 Apr 17 / Washington Post
The Met’s new ‘Rosenkavalier’ moves (timelessly) forward with a timeless Renée Fleming
15 Apr 17 / ZEALnyc
Fleming soars to new heights in “Der Rosenkavalier” at the Met
15 Apr 17 / The Huffington Post
A star is boring in ‘Der Rosenkavalier’ at the Met
15 Apr 17 / New York Observer
Savor Renée Fleming in "Der Rosenkavalier" at the Met
15 Apr 17 / The New Yorker
Robert Carsen production was greeted with a mixture of boos and cheers
15 Apr 17 / WQXR New York
In her moving Met quasi-farewell Fleming strikes sparks with Garanča in new “Rosenkavalier”
15 Apr 17 / Classical Review
Renée Fleming's poignant farewell to 'Der Rosenkavalier'
15 Apr 17 / New York Times
Through a glass vaguely
15 Apr 17 / parterre box
Guenther Groissboeck savors role as oaf in 'Rosenkavalier'
While soprano Renee Fleming bids a poignant and elegant farewell to a signature role at the Metropolitan Opera, a young bass is stirring up a storm as her far-from-dignified country cousin.
Opera star Renée Fleming takes on comedy at the Met
The star, who made her Broadway debut in Living on Love, explores the lighter side of opera through May 13.
The Diva Departs: Renée Fleming’s Farewell to Opera
With her art form in crisis, the soprano prepares for a poignant farewell at the Met. But she has a second act in mind.
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