Opera Australia - Der Ring des Nibelungen Reviews
12 July 2020
Das Rheingold: James Johnson (Wotan), Ensemble
Die Walküre: Lise Lindstrom (Brünnhilde), James Johnson (Wotan)
Siegfried: Lise Lindstrom (Brünnhilde), Stefan Vinke (Siegfried)
Götterdämmerung: Stefan Vinke (Siegfried), Lise Lindstrom (Brünnhilde), Ensemble
Götterdämmerung: Warwick Fyfe (Alberich), Daniel Sumegi (Hagen)

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Der Ring des Nibelungen

Opera Australia

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Full cycle: Neil Armfield’s stark but powerful Ring delivers Wagner’s masterpiece as a triumph of the Australian stage
10 Dec 16 / The Saturday Paper
Götterdämmerung: The guilt and shame of the theft of the Ring are finally assuaged
2 Dec 16 / Performing Arts Hub
Götterdämmerung: Lindstrom is a revelation: magnificent to behold on stage, with a cutting voice and fearless high notes
1 Dec 16 / Australian Book Review
Full cycle: Thrilling spectacle matched by talent, over 16 hours of unforgettable opera
30 Nov 16 / The Guardian
Götterdämmerung: This is overwhelmingly good theatre which resulted in a spontaneous standing ovation
30 Nov 16 / ConcertoNet (English)
Götterdämmerung: The way the world ends: brilliant Götterdämmerung crowns Melbourne cycle
30 Nov 16 / Bachtrack
Götterdämmerung: Neil Armfield concludes his ring with the confident sensitivity he has brought to the whole
30 Nov 16 / Time Out
Götterdämmerung: Glorious singing, meticulous direction and innovative staging
30 Nov 16 / Simon Parris: Man in Chair
Götterdämmerung: Final instalment ends in blaze of glory
29 Nov 16 / The Age
Götterdämmerung: Lise Lindstrom’s Brünnhilde crowns climax of Melbourne Ring
29 Nov 16 / Limelight
Siegfried: Stefan Vinke, who was good in the 2013 Ring, was even better this time
28 Nov 16 / Australian Book Review
Siegfried: Stefan Vinke astounds in third Wagner instalment
28 Nov 16 / The Age
Siegfried: Treasure of the world: Vinke’s heroics ensure a memorable Siegfried in Melbourne
28 Nov 16 / Bachtrack
Siegfried: The heroism of Siegfried plays out in a highly theatrical setting
28 Nov 16 / Simon Parris: Man in Chair
Siegfried: As the representation of humanity in its most sublime state, Lindstrom is again a knockout
28 Nov 16 / Time Out
Siegfried: Stefan Vinke as Siegfried was the outstanding voice and character of the night
28 Nov 16 / Performing Arts Hub
Siegfried: Vocal heroics and visual magic in Armfield's theatrical Siegfried
28 Nov 16 / Limelight
Siegfried: There is much to be admired about the complexity achieved through the simplicity of the production’s story-telling
27 Nov 16 / ConcertoNet (English)
Die Walküre: Lindstrom is glorious as Brünnhilde
26 Nov 16 / Time Out
Die Walküre: Thoughtful second part to Armfield's Ring transports us to soprano heaven
26 Nov 16 / Limelight
Die Walküre: Spirals out of control: extraordinary singing in Die Walküre in Melbourne
26 Nov 16 / Bachtrack
Das Rheingold: A nuanced exploration of the psychological intensity of Das Rheingold
25 Nov 16 / Simon Parris: Man in Chair
Die Walküre: Fifteen singers deliver four hours of glorious singing and splendid acting
25 Nov 16 / Simon Parris: Man in Chair
Das Rheingold: Fyfe is magnificent as the loathsome Alberich
25 Nov 16 / Time Out
Die Walküre: A long but memorably fine night in the theatre
25 Nov 16 / Performing Arts Hub
Das Rheinold: The set design was often incongruous and uncompromising
25 Nov 16 / Performing Arts Hub
Die Walküre: The most successful work in Neil Armfield’s production of Der Ring des Nibelungen
24 Nov 16 / Australian Book Review
Die Walküre: An expressive and visually stunning second chapter
24 Nov 16 / ConcertoNet (English)
Die Walküre: Beauty and dramatic power superbly realised in Wagner's most emotional and tragic work
24 Nov 16 / The Age
Das Rheingold: Der Ring des Nibelungen returns to Melbourne three years after its première here
23 Nov 16 / Australian Book Review
Das Rheingold: The showgirls return as Ring revival kicks off in style
23 Nov 16 / Limelight
Das Rheingold: It was Warwick Fyfe’s night as the nerdy and gnarly Alberich
23 Nov 16 / Herald Sun
Das Rheingold: A pertinent and topical interpretation of Wagner’s masterwork
23 Nov 16 / ConcertoNet (English)
Das Rheingold: Bring on the dancing girls: Rheingold redux in Melbourne
23 Nov 16 / Bachtrack
Das Rheingold: Ingenious staging and masterful music set scene for Opera Australia Ring
22 Nov 16 / The Age
Walkure stretches to seven hours after 'technical difficulties'
It's a marathon even when everything goes according to plan, but on Wednesday, Opera Australia's Die Walkure​ went for 90 minutes longer than usual due to "technical difficulties".
Neil Armfield
'The Ring is built for binge watching'
To say Neil Armfield​ is a busy man is a major understateme
Melbourne, Adelaide, Chicago, New York: The Ring director Neil Armfield is running rings around himself.
Melbourne Ring Cycle loses its Wotan
The curse of the Ring strikes Opera Australia again as Greer Grimsley pulls out due to ill health.
Aussie directing talent Greg Eldridge gets Melbourne Ring call-up
Fresh from the Royal Opera's Jette Parker Programme, the young director will assist Neil Armfield on 2016's Ring revival.
Opera Australia's production of The Ring gets a callback
With tickets ranging from $1100 to $2100 Opera Australia's production of Wagner's The Ring, which is returning to Melbourne in late 2016, is not the most accessible of shows.
The Melbourne Ring returns
Opera Australia’s largest and most ambitious production, Wagner’s Ring Cycle, returns exclusively to Melbourne in 2016.
Production details
Johnson, Johnson, Lindstrom, Vinke, Daley, Wagner, Fyfe, Macfarlane, Keegan, Dark, Conrad, Arthur, Gabbedy, Fiebig, Sumegi, Arthur, Sumegi, Pendry, Kwon, Honeyman, Egglestone
(c) Inkinen (d) Armfield
Performance dates
21, 23, 25, 28, 30 November, 2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16 December 2016 (three cycles)
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